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Multimedia Marketing, Creating Multiple Income Streams


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The Internet is full of business building systems that promise the world.  We've all seen them, the hundreds of “incredible breakthrough super systems" that promise to make you thousands tomorrow and millions by the end of the year.  Some even promise to do the prospecting and closing for you if you'll buy the postcards and mail 25 a week.  What they don't tell you is that possibly an interested person willing to at least inquire about the opportunity might actually read their one out of 100 postcards you mailed in a month's time.  That's no guarantee that they'll sign up.  The hype, the company feeds you, makes it sound so likely.  They convince you that their product or service is so great that once shown, it sells itself.  

The truth is, it just doesn't work that way. Soon you find out that you're going to have to call and do the prospecting yourself if you want any results.  That's just part of marketing your business unless you have access to automated marketing tools which you have to pay for.  That gets pretty expensive unless you become an affiliate of each and every one of them.  Then you have to market all of them and get sign-ups just to pay for their fees, and for that, you need some really good organization skills and a website to advertise them. You can put banners and links from each of them on one website and list that website with all the traffic exchanges you can sign up for and that you think you can surf within one week.  About half the traffic exchanges will give you no problem about it.  The other half will disapprove your site because “there are too many redirects on your page".  Then there's email campaigning using safelists and autoresponders as well as ads to post and forums to join.  There's also blogs to run.  That's what it takes, advertise, advertise, advertise in every possible arena you can access.  

Also, most of the MLM programs tell you to call your friends and family and talk them into giving it a look, and you do this until they run when they see you.    There are a few that teach you not to do that and how to find the right people to work with. So how do you market a multitude of opportunities and tools with one system? As mentioned above, there are marketing programs that you can join free and use the free marketing tools the company offers to persuade you to give them a try.     The person whose website through which you signed up, will begin calling you to interview you in order to determine whether you are serious enough, about building your business, to sign up as a pro member.  

That is exactly how the business coaches and experts train you to view it, as an interviewing process to sift out the serious from the curious.   First, you are usually invited and sometimes urged to attend their training calls.   Then, they direct you to their website and ask you to read everything on each page or to watch a video while taking notes.  Then, they either call you with certain questions about what was explained or email you with a list of questions, about the information, to answer so they can determine if there is a chance that you may be serious.   In other words, they give you homework assignments.   Depending on the company policies, they may give you one to three homework assignments to see if you'll stick with it.  One of those assignments may be to study an overview of the objectives, tools, training, resources and investments involved.   If you're still interested or have decided to take the plunge, you may be sent a contract of sorts which you will be asked to carefully read and note any questions you may have to discuss with your sponsor as you are emphatically urged not to join until you fully understand what will be expected of you.  

When you fully understand the commitment you're about to make, you may be asked to initial a number of statements listed, sign it, date it and fax it to your sponsor so he or she can sign and date a copy and fax it back to you.   They don't want to waste time on anybody who isn't serious.   A lot of experts are advising you to use reverse marketing and targeting Internet marketers as part of what is taught by the coaches.   You are taught to take the position of a serious CEO interviewing potential partners or board members who are realistic.   You'll learn to find marketers who understand that they will be expected to invest time, diligent work and money in order to succeed.    


There are a lot of get-rich-quick scams out there promising big pay with zero work involved.   However, there are also some honest people out there too who will tell you up front that to succeed, in any business, you will have to invest a certain amount of time, work and money.   These people will not baby you.   Babies don't belong in business as Dani Johnson, a successful entrepreneur and business coach, put it.   They will go to great lengths to make sure you are serious before they invest their time working with you.  

April Lowe is the owner of A. A. Enterprizes. The goal of AAE is to help people looking for affordable marketing tools and/or business coaching. If you do not already have an existing business, AAE can help with that as well.


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