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You've heard their names, you've heard the amazing number of people they've gotten in their downline. The heavy hitters in the MLM industry are legends. And they all say the same thing. " Hey , I'm no one special. If I can do this, YOU can do this!"

But do you really believe that?

Or do you have a nagging feeling of doubt?

A little voice inside your head arguing with you saying, “Well sure it's easy for them to sign up people. They got in it years ago. Look at their story they have to tell. They're making six figure incomes working from home. I'd sign up under them too! But why would someone want to sign up under me? What do I have to offer someone?"

Sound a little familiar?

It's hard to shake the doubt! It's hard to see the forest for the trees sometimes. You're working a full time job, you have bills to pay, a family to support, maybe classes to attend. When do you have time to convince yourself of the truth behind their statement?

Because it is true. You CAN do this. Let me share with you the secrets of the heavy hitters.

1. You MUST have an intense desire to succeed.

Most heavy hitters had reached rock bottom before achieving success. They faced bankruptcy, foreclosure, near financial ruin when they began their climb up. They HAD to succeed. They had no other choice.

You have to get out of your comfort zone and put yourself in a position where your MLM success is more important than the sacrifices you'll have to make.

Make it a top priority.

Make yourself accountable for taking the steps to make your business a success. This could be as simple as asking your upline to call you each week and see what you've accomplished. It could be as drastic as taking away the TV until you have accomplished your goals for the month.

Success MUST be mandatory, not just an option.

2. You must truly believe in yourself. These heavy hitters have all the confidence in the world.

Well sure you're saying! They have a right to. I'd have all that confidence too if I was making as much as they are.

But here's the catch.

They had that attitude BEFORE they started making the big money.

You need to get it too. Believe in your ability to succeed and to contribute something worthwhile to your downline.

3. You must truly believe in the value of your product.

You must know that you are simply informing people of a great money making opportunity and not trying to sell them anything.

You must believe in your company 100%.

The single most important factor in determining your success is how you FEEL about your company, your product, and yourself. Master these areas and you will soon see that the heavy hitters are right.

If they can do this, YOU can do this!

By: Anne Ahira Editor The BEST Affiliate Newsletter


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