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Have you asked yourself lately, “Do people know what my company does?” As an internet business owner, you send more than 10 emails a week because most of your business is done by email, right? Then, you might ask, “How come I’m not getting referrals?” Let’s face it, you want to get more sales, visitors to your website, subscribers to your free ezine, and referrals.

Well, you can get them while you’re away from your computer with 5 proven steps! You can set up in less than 3 minutes your 6-line email signature, so people know what your company does, your contact info, and subscribe to your free ezine. Simply, turn your email signature into a free traffic generator tool and watch people remember you!

Okay, pretend for a moment your email signature is not yours. Pretend you’re reading an email and you see your email signature at the bottom of the email. Would you understand what your company does? Is there a telephone number or email address you can use in case you have a question? If not, get started NOW!

It’s easy to set up in your email autoresponder or free email account!

  • Spend your valuable time just writing your email message (not signing off your name in a hurry with dangerous typos)

  • Keep getting more traffic to your website (people subscribe to your ezine on your website)

  • Let people remember what your company does (so they can refer you to their friends by forwarding your email)

Look over these 5 steps to create your email signature, then, add it in the signature file in your email autoresponder or free email account.

Step 1: Your first and last name in the first line. Write your complete name on the first line. You want to look as if you emailed a friend. When you email your friend, do you include your title when you sign off? No. Without a title next to your name, your email looks more personal and your name stands out. It’s easier for people to remember your name. Yet, if you want to add your title, add it in the second line.

Step 2: Your company name in the second line. You’d be surprised to know that people reading your emails may not remember the name of your company! Adding your company name helps you brand yourself. For instance, Fit with Med-Diet, LLC.

Step 3: A one-sentence description of what your company does in the third line. This step is very important because some of your readers know your name, your company name but don’t exactly know what your company does. What’s the point of promoting your company name? If you just promote your company name, it’s harder to get more referrals! You’ll get more referrals when people understand what your company does. Go ahead, write a short sentence describing what your company DOES. For instance, Articles and Supplements so You Keep the Weight Off With the Mediterranean Diet.

Step 4: 2 ways to contact you, either a telephone number, your email address in the fourth line. Many times people don’t put your contact info in their contact book of their email accounts like hotmail, yahoo, or Outlook. After someone reads your email, they might want to ask you a question. Save your reader some time by putting your telephone number and email address under your name. Make sure you make your email address clickable. Do you enjoy going through your contact book and looking for a telephone number just to ask someone a question about their email? Not really, right?

How about this situation: your reader wants to refer you to their friend and they need to open up their contact book, sort through names, copy and paste your email address, phone number, and company name. But wait, what if he hasn’t yet put your contact info in his address book? Make it easy for them, include your contact info in your email signature. More people will know what your company does and people can refer your services to their friends by forwarding your emails or just copying and pasting your email signature in another email.

Step 5: Your free ezine or free report in the 5th and sixth line. Give a free test drive of your products by offering your free ezine! Why? Because you compel your readers to revisit your website. This increases your sales because your reader will have seen that you know your stuff. He will see that you're an expert in your field. Face it, sometimes you really want to buy a great product but you can't buy it immediately. Will you settle for some free information first?

For instance, you want to buy the latest book on training dogs. Would you sign up to get free weekly tips on training dogs? Sure. A common question I get is “Why give a free offer and not my product?" Simple. People are more likely to subscribe to a free offer immediately than to take out the credit card and pay for a $50 product. Besides, once your subscribers trust you they'll start buying the products in your newsletter, and you can send them product offers for months.

The title of your free ezine needs to sound compelling and interesting. Are they saving time, earning more money or getting more love. Include numbers or the words ‘how to. ’ What makes you pick up a magazine at the grocery store? The interesting, short and snappy titles on the magazine cover right? Same thing happens with your free ezine offer. Write an interesting, short and snappy description of your free ezine. Use your free ezine title to get your reader to “pick up” your ezine. In other words, compel them to click on your link and sign up for your free ezine.

Let’s use Liz Carlton’s signature as an example. Which of her 2 email signatures will get you to understand what her company does? Which of these email signatures would you read and remember?


Liz Carlton, President
Italian Pasta Company, LLC
liz@ pasta


Liz Carlton
Italian Pasta Company, LLC
…Making authentic Italian pasta for over 50 years!
800-555-4234 liz@
Click here to get your FREE Report on “10 delicious
pasta dishes you can prepare in less than 20 minutes!"

Hey, I would certainly remember the second email signature because I will get a FREE report on 10 delicious pasta dishes that I can prepare in less than 20 minutes. How about you?

What are you waiting for? Take the 3 minutes NOW to apply the 5 steps to get more referrals using your 6-line email signature! Remember, while you’re away from your computer, you’re promoting your company and giving a free test-drive with your ezine. Finally, people will know what your company does. You’ll get more visitors to your website and subscribers just by adding your compelling free ezine in your emails.

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