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Contrary to What Your Upline Told You

Lynn McArthur

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It's a fact that the failure rate in the network marketing business is a sickening 97%. The average network marketer in this country enrolls 2.5 people into their business and then either gives up or moves on to the next big opportunity. The reason for this miserable statistic is that the techniques taught in this industry aren't designed to benefit the individual marketer.

You expected instant success in your network marketing business, but somehow the ball just doesn't seem to be rolling in your direction. I too struggled in network marketing before I got smart! My company told me to buy countless samples (gotta have all of them!), DVD's, magazines, brochures. . . you get the picture. I attended the monthly meetings, listened to sizzle calls, did the online training provided on the company website, drove all over creation meeting uninterested prospects at coffee shops. . . all the while racking up my credit card debt and saw only a trickle of income for all of my effort. Sound familiar?

If you are doing everything that your network marketing company and your upline preaches to you. . . literally attacking all of your friends and family, and overselling your opportunity, you will go nowhere in the network marketing business. If you continue doing the same thing you are doing now, you will continue to get the same results! By now you may be considering throwing in the towel and taking your losses. But I am here to tell you that there IS a better way, and you CAN be successful in network marketing. Rest assured, you CAN learn the exact steps on how to build a network marketing business, if you are teachable!

Discover what you really need to do (and not do) to succeed in your network marketing business.

In an interview with a group of the industries leading experts, several valuable lessons were revealed that all aspiring network marketing business owners should use to become more effective.

  • Secret number one: NOT everyone is your prospect! No matter how wonderful your product is, not everyone wants it! You must learn how to reach your target market. . . those people who have a need, want or desire for what you have, and are looking for it!
  • Second, and this is essential, Stop begging friends and family and trying to convince anyone within three feet of you that they need what you have. Learn how to position yourself as an expert and put yourself in the path between your prospects and what they are searching for.
  • Next, Learn how to communicate with three simple tools - the phone(FREE), the internet (not that replicated website that your company had you purchase), and the written word!
  • Learn how to handle customers objections. . . there are only two of them!
  • Educate yourself. . . this is absolutely necessary if you are to become successful in today's market. Your upline's proven plan is not the plan for you. Bluntly put, those techniques do not work and never will. . .invest in your education and discover the true methods and strategies used by top marketers in today's world.
The decision is up to you. . you can choose to continue getting the results you have been in network marketing, or take the action necessary today and start building YOUR business. Your success is dictated entirely by you and the choices you make, not your upline or your company!

To your success!

Lynn McArthur is a network marketing business consultant. After struggling in her initial attempts at growing a business, she finally discovered the secrets to MLM success. Grab a copy of her Free Report at


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The MLM Survival Guide What is Your Upline Not Telling You on Those 3 Way Calls?
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