How to Become an MLM Heavy Hitter


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If you have been in involved in the MLM industry for even a small amount of time you have undoubtedly heard the term Heavy Hitter. No, we are not talking about fat baseball players. We are talking about those people that are making mega bucks and that are the top earners in their company and have gotten their often at the expense of their people under them.

The term Heavy Hitter conjures up thoughts of fame and fortune. Maybe not the fame most people would think of but in the MLM world these people take on a mightier than thou aura that many worship but only very few will ever attain. How few you ask? Well so few that when you do the math the number is almost as close to zero as you can possibly get. With those numbers I wouldn’t even think of trying to become a heavy hitter!

I know what you're saying. “I thought this article was about becoming a heavy hitter. ” Well it is about learning to make money like the heavy hitters without having to be like them. First of all the heavy hitters are all about numbers. Do the numbers! Do the numbers! Make 100 dials a day! Dial for dollars. These are the things they will tell you.

People are not numbers they are people. They have dreams, desires and goals just like you do. They have loved ones who they are mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts and uncles to so why should they be treated like a number. This recruiting method only teaches others to be recruiters and not sponsors. Heavy hitters never know their personally sponsored peoples “WHY” or even their dreams, goals or their spouses or children’s names.

“NO is a good thing” is another great lie that the heavy hitters will tell you. Just get 100 “NO’s” and you are just that much closer to getting a “YES”. For most people its like get two or three “NO’s” and then you are one step closer to quitting. The word “NO” takes a lot of good people out of this industry. Just imagine, you go out for a nice candle light dinner then maybe a movie where you hold hands and cuddle with your spouse, you get home take a nice hot bath, listen to some soft music, then do some more hugging and kissing. Then your spouse says “NO”. 99 more NO’s like this and maybe you will get lucky.

“Talk to EVERYONE” is another great line the heavy hitters will tell you. Just like you wouldn’t try to sell construction boots to a housewife why would you want to talk to everybody about your opportunity. Not everyone wants your opportunity. This method of talking to everyone only works for about 10% of the population. The other 90% hate, aggressive, pushy sales people and they hate thinking they have to be that way to be successful in this business. Only target people who want your products and services.

Another tool the heavy hitters give you is self-talk. Just look in a mirror and say: “If it is to be, it’s up to me. ” True, success may be in you and only you but that does not mean you can be successful without help form others. My mentor has studied and analyzed a ton of network marketing companies in his 26 year career and has found that every single company that was not relationship driven even though they had a remarkable product or service eventually failed. He also learned that every relationship driven business no matter how bad the product or company survived.

If you still want to be a heavy hitter that’s fine just be warned that these methods are not duplicable and that your business will become more of a sales business. Sure you may get a lot of people into your deal but after a year very few will still be left. You will continually have to get more and more people in your deal to make any money. Why not sponsor people into your business that want to be in your business and not people that you slammed into the business. If you had to sell your people on the business then you will have to sell them every month to do the business. This sounds like too much work to me. Learn to do the business correctly, work hard for the next two or three years so the business will pay you, your children and your children’s children.

Ralph Greene lives in Nagano, Japan with his wife, Naomi Greene, and their 2 children. For years he has owned an English language school. Now he helps people achieve success in network marketing. Get your complimentary copy of “Success in 10 Steps" at


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