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Niche Network Marketing Where Have Your Distributors Given Up Hope?

Dave Baldwin

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Your customers have given up hope. It may have been a long time ago, and they may have forgotten that there ever was any hope to begin with. But there's a sleeping dog that's ready to awaken in the mind of your niche market. It's the pain, frustration, or discomfort that they've just learned to live with because they don't think it could ever be any different. In fact, they may not even think about it at all. They may not even be wishing it wasn't so. They may just relate to it as one of the “facts of life. " The quickest way to find the biggest frustrations is to look at your own.

Let's frame this question around your network marketing business. What do you currently find frustrating about the business that you're in? Is there something you wish your upline or your customers would understand? Is there something about your business that you look at and think, “I wish this wasn't so?" For example, you may be a distributor in a business that sells nutritional supplements. You might find it frustrating that there are so many different products, each claiming to be the best, and it's nearly impossible to keep up with the staggering information overload. If you find it irritating, the chances are your customers do too.

Finding just one such irritation isn't enough. Keep going. Write down a list of every frustration you currently have, and every unsolved issue that you don't see any way to solve. If you think of anything that occurs for you as something that could never change, or something you'll always have to put up with, put a star next to it on your list. Brainstorm as many frustrations as you can, and notice if there are any patterns emerging. These frustrations should start to tell you something about the kinds of people who are likely to have the same issues. It's like piecing together a puzzle, one little bit at a time.

When you've gotten a good list of frustrations, now you can begin asking yourself the next question: what would sound like music to your ears? For example, let's say you're irritated about all of the things you need to do to keep on top of your taxes but can't afford to hire somebody to do it for you. Imagine that you learn about a new software application for your GPS unit in your car that will automatically log your mileage and import it into your accounting program, that can be downloaded at no charge. Now, go through your frustrations and think of what would sound like good news. It doesn't matter if you see any way to make it work or not. This is just about getting your creative juices flowing.

The whole process should take you about half an hour. If you've really focused on it and stuck with it, you'll get a better idea of who your niche market is and how you can help them.

Dave Baldwin is a staunch introvert who hung up his technical hat in 2007 in pursuit of his entrepreneurial dreams. He is known in the community of Raleigh, NC as “The Introverted Entrepreneur" and has led a number of business mastermind groups. He is committed to creating a “play for a living" business culture where every single individual enjoys the lifestyle of an entrepreneur.

Baldwin got his first experience in sales and marketing in 2002, when he took his first summer sales job selling kitchen cutlery. It was during those formative lessons that he began to see his own potential for entrepreneurship. His recent layoff from a manufacturing job had shown him what it meant to be at the mercy of someone else for survival, and he had decided never to put himself in this position again.

Baldwin is currently living in Raleigh, NC, and involved with several startup businesses including two MLM companies. He enjoys writing and painting in his spare time, and plans one day to resume playing the piano.


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Niche Marketing For the Online Business Owner How to Find Your Niche Market
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