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Her name is Jessica and she is a single mother in Georgia. She is engaged and living with her fiance, but she has 2 kids she wants to take care of and she wants them to know their mother. She wants to be there for them and with them. She wants to raise them as once kids were raised. . . as she was not raised. Her fiance has a good job, but with 2 kids and one on the way, it's hard to make ends meet sometimes. We know, we've been there.

The clutch went out on her fiance's truck last week, the one vehicle he has to get him back and forth to work. He's just been promoted into a management training program with Wal-Mart, and he really didn't need this right now. She's pregnant again, but she also works and needs her beat up old jalopy her grandmother helped her buy to get to work herself.

The initial estimate was $800.00. They had no idea of where they could get that kind of money. Even when they got a few other, lower, estimates and got the work done (it wasn't the clutch after all), the bill came to over $400.00. They couldn't really afford it, but they had to have the truck running.

How do I know all this?

She's in my downline.

I went online and checked her stats first. Then I gave her the news. She had a check coming for $57.00 that week, and the week after that, she was going to get $377.00. She had already earned $117.00 for the following week. It's a shame that she can't use it for something else, but it takes care of the car expenses, and between her and her fiance's pay, they'll do okay.

Okay, an average of $600.00 to $700.00 a month might not be much to some internet marketers, but to them, it's the difference between disaster and “everything's okay. "

I got her, and Jay, and Donna, and Ruth, and Sarah, and others into internet marketing, and they're the success stories. John and Joseph and Shawna and Celestine didn't do that well. I couldn't help them. I did what I could for them, but for whatever their personal reasons and circumstances, they didn't make it.

A few years ago, I was a truck driving instructor with a major national carrier. . . big orange trucks with the owner's name on ‘em. Every two weeks I met a new group of people, about half of whom had hit bottom or were trying to get back up before they got that far down. Many wouldn't make it. Some would give it their best shot and fail. Some could learn what I was trying to teach without breaking a sweat. Some could handle the driving but not the classroom, and some were, as my son used to say, a “cool breeze" in the classroom but hopeless around the truck.

Sometimes it hurt. I was often handed the really nervous, and the really hopeless. . . and sometimes the damned dangerous. . .because I could remain calm when they were going to pieces. . . sometimes at 60 miles-per-hour on the interstate. Hence the CB handle an ex-special forces/Philly cop pinned on me which I use as a handle in forums sometimes. . . teflondon. My nickname before that was Sergeant. A lot of times I was working with someone who was being given one last chance, and a lot of times they really had nothing to go home to. I always tried to do my best, but sometimes my best wasn't good enough. Sometimes I had to walk ‘em upstairs to Charlie, my boss, and sit there while he gently gave them the news. Sometimes they took their anger out on us and blamed us. . . some yelled, some cursed, every once in a while, one got violent. Sometimes they smiled and were really polite and acted cheerful although you could feel the strain. Sometimes they just broke down and cried. Talk about rejection.

But sometimes, an ex-student would come back in to the Training Center looking for me, or the instructor who trained him or her. I remember Martin in particular. When Martin arrived at the school, he had clothes in two conditions. . . bad and worse. His shoes were literally falling apart. He showed me a picture of his beautiful wife and two gorgeous children. He had not had a job for over 6 months. He was glum and desparate. He had a lot of problems in the classroom, and wasn't much better in the truck, but he refused to give up. I could see him in spare moments walking around somebody's truck naming the parts to himself. A few weeks after he graduated, I met him at one of our facilities. He was wearing all new clothes, and he was smiling and happy. He shook my hand and thanked me for helping him make money like he had never made before. He was now proud of himself and able to take good care of his wife and children.

Can you imagine the feeling? To have made that much of a difference in someone's life simply by showing them how to do a job and do it well?

Yes, someone in network marketing or internet marketing is out to make money, just like I collected a salary for teaching those people back then. However, when the failures get you down, if you can remember someone you have helped achieve their dreams or lighten their load, you can find a reward more valuable in many ways than the money you earn.

There are lots of reasons to have your own internet marketing business. I can make a couple of phone calls and have a pretty good job before 48 hours has passed, but I am in internet marketing because I like being able to make the money I make working the way I want to work, at home, without bosses, on my schedule.

One of the other perks is the feeling I get when I know I have helped start someone on the same path I have traveled, and maybe, by sharing some of my experiences or skills, making that path a little easier to travel.

The author is retired from the Army after 21 years of service. He has worked as an accountant, purchasing agent, optical lab manager, restaurant manager, instructor and long-haul, over-the-road truck driver. He has been a member of Mensa for several years, and has written and published poetry, essays, and articles on various subjects for the last 40 years. He has been an active internet marketer since 2000, and now makes his living online. To read more articles by the author, please visit his blog at , or his collection of articles at .


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Goal Setting - "The Magic Pixie Dust to Success" in Network Marketing
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