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Network Marketing 3 Fatal Mistakes Women in Network Marketing Make and How to Avoid It

Kim Rhodes

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I've been working with women in network marketing for many years and I am amazed that so many suffer three fatal mistakes that keep them from attracting people to them and having great success in their network marketing business. Most believe that you have to be a six-figure earner, before people will want to work with you. Well, that's simply not true and nothing could be further from the truth.

It's heartbreaking and often guarantees these folks failure. The truth is it simply does not have to happen.

If you want to avoid going down the same path, here are the three fatal mistakes women in network marketing make in building the business and how to avoid them.

1. Perfectionism: let's face it ladies nothing is perfect. Not even those fabulous women that grace the covers of glamorous magazines. They start with the base and get fine-tuned over time. Some get airbrushed and others go under the knife. When you're in network marketing it doesn't have to be that drastic. The key is to be in action. There is no such thing as perfection it is just an illusion. However, you will get better and can earn money along the way even while you're making mistakes. So if you learn something new implement it immediately. And remember implementation will always beat perfectionism.

2. Undervaluing what you do: This fatal mistake comes usually from the place of, “I don't know enough" or “I'm not good enough. " This usually sends women in network marketing like a rat on the treadmill constantly buying more tapes, going to more seminars, reading more books, but still feeling if they knew just a little bit more than they would have something of value to share with people. Sometimes it shows up in you wanting to know everything before you talk to someone.

I am not against self development but the truth is, you will never know every thing because things change and both you and your business are a work in progress. However, the key in network marketing is to add value to your potential business builders and if you know one thing more than they do simply share and teach what you know. And as long as you are staying in action you can stay ahead and continue to add value.

3. Afraid to lead: many women in network marketing are afraid and believe that unless they are heavy hitters or big money earners they can't lead. The truth is that people are attracted to leaders. If you want to attract people to work with you, then you must stand out of the crowd. This doesn't mean that you have to be a lone ranger or Maverick. Nor do you have to be making the big bucks. Every big money earner started somewhere. However, if you learn your unique gifts and talents and how to apply them to your business you will be confident in leading others and comfortable taking center stage.

No matter how long you have been in network marketing you or someone you know, may be suffering from the fatal mistakes. It doesn't have to happen. However, by being an action, teaching whatever you learn to your prospects and uncovering which you are naturally good at and doing that you can avoid these three fatal mistakes and beyond the path of attracting eager customers and business builders. Simply put, you will create a business and a life you love.

Bottom line? - If you are interested in learning how to stand out of the MLM crowd and create highly pre-qualified prospects and raving fans then I invite you to get the seven-day free e-course called: How to stand out in the network marketing crowd: the secret to curing your MLM identity crisis and climbing your compensation plan. Check it out at

Kimberly Rhodes is also the creator of and the radio show host for DSWA's where she interviews leaders in the directing sales and network marketing profession.


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