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Will Only Talking the Talk Grow Your Business Or Do You Have to Walk the Talk Too?

Carol Ann Wagner

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Talking the talk is such a part of business. One of the first things we do in a new business in learn the lingo, then we learn what is expected to be said we are on our way however talking the talk only gets you half way to a goal. It is walking that talk that creates the results.

Last evening after a conversation with a determined but disillusioned business partner about our experiences in ML*M work We realized even through the expenses of time and money in buying leads, auto responders, servers, domain names, spending hours on the phones chasing prospects, and having sponsors who often had their own agendas that were separate and self serving we still had our belief and dreams in tact with the seduction and possibilities that ML*M's promise of financial freedom in a moderate amount of time holds for us. It seemed we had walked the talk but still have not had the successes we envisioned what is to be learned from this and how can we get to the results we so desire?

It is important for a determined net work marketer to talk the talk with regards to their relationship with their business and what they are willing to do for their business. There is no magic in building a successful business. The values are the same for all business traditional family businesses, huge corporate conglomerates or internet online empires and it is work, consistent work. It is important for one to invest careful thought, into the care of the business and then act on the thought and plans.

It is not just once or twice or when one feels like practicing the talk that a successful person makes the grade. . Investing the time and effort into working the plan is a consistent effort to walk the talk till one gets it done. Picking oneself up, finding support in like minded people who are not just talking but walking and results oriented. If you are not finding that in the immediate group of business people you are associating with then it is your responsibility to create the work group that helps you walk your talk.

Now this is really not too deep. Talking the talk especially with so much access to online search engines and finding out if what the talk is matches what someones walk is really makes it important to be congruent and in integrity with your word. Having the mental and emotional strength to talk it and then the courage to walk the talk is what counts and once you get to walking no one can stop you!

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