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5 MLM Secrets to Perfect Recruiting in Any Network Marketing Business * Just Released!*


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Let me cut straight to the thick of things. “I don't care what Home Based Business you're in or what opportunity you're marketing"!

Dear Internet Friend And Home Based Business Owner. Look, I'm not out to be your friend. That's not why your reading this article today. Your reading this because you're struggling. You're growing your business at a rats pace and you need some help, Some guidance. And the title of this article caught your eye. Before I continue, let me explain what growing a business is “not" about.

This is not about making a list of your warm market.

This is not about begging friends and family members to join you in business.

This is not about hanging out at the local mall with your little desk and business cards (begging others to join your business).

This is not about 3-way calling - and having your upline grow your business for you.

This is not about passing out DVD's, audio's, flyer's and brochures.

This is not about having a family reunion and begging folks you haven't seen in 15 years to sign up in your business.

Look this list could go on for quite some time. That's not what this is all about. What I'll be sharing with you very shortly is the Truth, the Last Word on what it really takes to grow a business at a blistering pace. Growing a Business requires a Skill set! It's true. Just because you have a home based business does not mean you have a clue when it comes to marketing. Not even close. Look at the leaders in your business. What are they doing effectively to grow their business? For the most part, their inviting guests to these weekly get together events at the office or in their living rooms. Sorta. More specifically, you're building their audience. You're trained (by them) to bring your friends and family to the ‘opportunity’ meetings so they can close your business. What are the MLM Secrets that they know, but your missing?Here is a short list.

#1 They've mastered the art and science of positioning.

#2 They've mastered the art of delegating (yes, that's where you come in and grow their business for them , - think about this one for a moment).

#3 They understand that growing a business has absolutely nothing to do with handing out brochures and business cards.

#4 They understand the power of numbers and leveraging.

You probably weren't told what to do and not to do when you first signed up were you? Don't feel bad. I wasn't either. I and you've been told the wrong things to do now for quite some time. I'm writing this article to reverse that trend. Starting today. These are just a few things that they're doing and you're not. Not yet anyway. I don't think it's your fault.

Secret #1 - You Must Learn To Treat Your Business As The Owner!

Friends, you are being taught right now using techniques that treat you as you are used to being treated. . . . as employees or gophers. Every company out there knows that you have spent your life being groomed to be the perfect employee. They know it is Extremely expensive to train you with new techniques and far less costly to teach you as you have been accustomed. Your companies know very well that the failure rate in this business is 98%. Your leaders and companies both know that the odds of you being around in six months are 10 to 1!!! They don't have to tell you that making a list of your friends and family is the best way for them to insure their own growth and success and absolutely one of the worst ways for you to create that huge income for yourselves. Business has NOTHING to do with luck. The Truth about Making Massive Income As Entrepreneurs Is To Act Like Entrepreneurs, Owners, Not Employees.

The best thing you have going for you is your creativity and your individuality. Neither one of these ingredients can be duplicated. The contract you signed as Independent Representatives for your products and services says it all, you are independent, at least you should be. You can use that creativity. Don't be afraid of it. What's the worse thing that could happen? You might fail? You bet, so what. It won't be the first time or the last. Don't be afraid of failure. Welcome it. Failure always leads to success. Your companies and leaders won't tell you that. They'll tell you to just be a sheep, follow them, duplicate their system and you will avoid all the pain and go straight to the top. How's that working for you so far? Here's the thing. Failure always leads to success.

The point is, the only failure that won't lead to success is the one that makes you quit. As business owners you will never allow yourself to quit, it isn't an option. Whatever the mind creates as thought, will come into physical reality with or without you. As an owner all you have to is think of success, what is your physical representation of that success and then let it take form through the expression of trial and error. Remember, the greatest difference between owner and employee is one does the thinking without fear, the other is afraid to think and finds shelter in making someone else's thoughts reality.

Secret #2 -Lead with Your Product or Service, Not Opportunity.

Marketing your businesses based on greed will lead to poverty. Why? Your business opportunity will never be competitive. There will always be compensation plans better than yours. If you draw people based solely on greed they will leave through the same door they came in through. Greed is not sustainable, meaning that greed will not see people through the tough times. Opportunities based solely on greed dry up and disappear. If you go to meetings and conventions and all you ever hear is “I made this. . . " or “Look at my new. . . " or “You will make so much money and you can stop working and still make it. . . " run, seriously, don't walk RUN!! I don't care how much you've spent so far on this particular business. Consider it a donation, for education in what doesn't work and get out. Look, you were looking for an opportunity when you found that one. Don't worry, you could market anything you want and be successful. So you have to market things that truly provide your consumer with value. You have to be in your business, own your business, to provide a service or product that has a particular need to fulfill, for the benefit first and foremost for the consumer to whom you market.

When you lead with your opportunity you are doing it based on your greed to tap their greed, bad idea, very bad. Remember that saying, “You reap what you sow"? Well, when you lead with greed you will be taken in by greed, again, greed won't buy you loyalty. Does this make sense? Bet, your leaders and companies right now are really wishing you would just put this thing down. Anyway, lead with your product. Surround yourselves with others who market your products and services first, who show the opportunity as a secondary benefit of the consumption of those products or services. Businesses That Flourish Do So Because Of Consumption, Not Greed. Look at it like this.

Does Mic Donald's market their hamburgers by telling you that you can make millions by selling them to others? No. They market their food, you buy it and that consumption, for your benefit (healthy or not) is what leads to such a great business opportunity and why a Mic Donald's franchise will cost you so much money. The trick is that you must have a product or service that has a true demand already. Huge risk awaits those who try to create an original market. It is more safe to enter an established, competitive market where need is already there.

Now, don't get me wrong, huge risk provides the greatest profit potential too but we aren't here to talk about long shots. Anyway, your product or service must be something someone wants or needs and it must be competitive. One of the biggest things that leads to massive failure is that we get sucked into a business opportunity, (again because of greed) and then our product is priced out of the market or it really isn't what it's cracked up be, or the company can't deliver in a timely fashion. I don't care what your company tells you. To Lead With Your Product Or Services like every other legitimate business on the planet. Don't talk about your business opportunity until your client understands and has a desire for your product. When you go to any meeting or convention and all they talk about is how much money they are making and you could be making, RUN!!

Secret #3 - You Must Learn To Create Your Own Audience, Your Own Clients.

You can't rely on your companies or your leaders to create your clientèle or attract the audience who wants what you have because they are teaching you to do that for them. When you make that list of your ‘warm market', who do you think you are doing that for? Let's back up for a minute. In order for any consumer to purchase your product or service they have to feel like they are doing so from someone who knows about these products or services. In other words, everyone loves an expert.

Think about it, when you go to a fast food restaurant what's the thing you fear most. The person in front of you who is supposed to take your order has a tag on their uniform that says, “trainee". Oh come on, you know you hate that. How about when you only have 30 minutes left for lunch and they take your money, punch it in to the register and it doesn't calculate your change? Oh yeah, you know that is right about the time you start convincing yourself you weren't that hungry in the first place. It's the same look your prospect gets when you begin to try, for the first time because your upline disappeared at the worst time, again, to explain about your products and services. Rather than fixing the problem we look for a brochure, website or video that can do the explaining for us next time. How would you like that technique as the customer. You go to a store and ask about how to use a particular product and they hand you a book and say, “just read this. "

The technique of using your ‘warm market’ allows your leaders to be the expert, you become the gopher and no one will listen or respect your guidance. It is a technique for the employee not the owner. You must learn to create that audience. You must learn the skills and become the person people want to listen to and respect. Otherwise you will always be dependent on your company or upline. I can't believe more people don't see through this technique in the first place but I think it is because we are blinded by greed. Anyway, you have to learn what is called ‘cold prospecting’.

Well, we said we would share the truth, we didn't say it would be easy, it isn't. It is simple though. Every single person who can walk and chew gum at the same time can do it. But someone has to teach you, correctly. That's the tricky part. All bet you have someone right now who is supposed to teach you that, right? Maybe they just send you to a place that has leads for $3.00 a piece and this lead place

Offers training for free (they better since they are scamming you for garbage leads). Anyway, I'll bet you are being taught to prospect and pitch people based on them starting a home based business, right? RUN!! (See Secret #2).

The point is to learn how to create that audience from a cold market, leading with your Product Or Service First, and then you can learn more advanced techniques. Even better, learning to ‘cold prospect’ effectively, will allow you to teach others how to do it too and then you are teaching people how to fish instead of providing the fish ‘cold prospecting’ is one of the single most important techniques for those with a home business because they only other way to make it happen costs tens of thousands of dollars. And don't be discouraged after a couple of tries, because there are “more fish in the sea than has ever been caught".

Secret #4 - You Must Learn To Close Transactions Like Check-Out Clerks In A Grocery Store.

Your company needs you as a human being for one reason only. They need your ability to lead and to persuade. Not convince, persuade. Your company only chose network marketing because it made the most sense as a delivery system to the end consumer. Because they decided, probably for a number of reasons, that using network marketing would provide the highest likelihood of you continuing to consume their products and services. They did notdo it because they decided rather than using endorsements and commercial advertising that they wanted you, the general public, to have this incredible opportunity to make tons of money. They did it because they decided it was the most profitable way to bring their product to the masses, period. Man, I love that one. Almost every company or leader loves to say that, “we wanted you to have the opportunity to keep the money rather than give it to these ad agencies or to celebrities.

When you learn the only 2 reasons people don't buy, it becomes so easy to close. You must learn to close. You, not your upline. The videos, brochures or websites will not help. It is the only reason your company needs you. They know nothing can create the urgency to buy like the human element. Our ability to communicate, when properly trained, will always far exceed inanimate objects like websites or videos. That's because our thoughts created these tools. You have to learn how to create urgency. Urgency is your secret weapon that cannot be duplicated, ever. Urgency is what makes you buy something now instead of waiting for a better or more convenient time. Now, companies can do that with a sale or special offer, but they can never do it as good as an individual or person can do it. That's why human beings will never be replaced in marketing. Companies can supplement this and they can get by without it but they can't be really explosive without us.

Secret #5 - You Must Learn To Master The Tools Of Marketing, The Phone, The Internet And Ad Copy or Copy Writing.

You can't rely on these tools to create success. You must learn to create success using these tools to assist you, not the other way around. Currently, this industry does it backwards and it works great, but not for you. You are your companies prospecting tool, and that makes perfect sense to your company. If you truly want to make huge money, you have to learn how to master the tools that can enable you to reach massive numbers.

Your company looks at it like this, you bring your ‘warm market’ and so does every other distributor. The 45-50 prospects you actually convince to sit through that painfully boring presentation add up with everybody else's ‘warm market’ and there you have it, your company is reaching the masses through you. You are told that if you just get 3 people who each get 3 people, who each get, and so on, right? Does that ever happen? Let's just go play the lottery. The odds are better and at least some of the money goes to do something, I think. It's still better than giving it to some upline guru who is just teaching you how to make them rich.

Once you become the master of the tools, rather than one of the tools, your income will grow so fast, your friends will be hunting you down. You must learn to master the telephone as a prospecting tool. Then, you have to learn how use the phone as a closing tool. There isn't a business on the planet that doesn't use the phone. It is a huge tool. You can be afraid, even timid, but you must find someone who can show you how to overcome that fear, that hesitation, or your competition will leave you so far behind you will think you're first.

Once you master phone skills then you will move up the ladder to use the Internet. Look, I hate my computer. Seriously, it hates me back though, so it's a healthy relationship but you must master this tool. The Internet is the single biggest advancement in business growth tools. Ad copy is what gets response, good ad copy that is. Your companies won't help you here either most of the time because they are more concerned about exposure than response. Response is all that matters. People will tell you to run ads or write copy that tries to convince someone to buy. Forget it. It's too expensive. You won't get enough ‘buyers’ to cover your costs. If you keep running ads solely based on your opportunity there will be a great big whole in the paper when you leave. Most of the time, these types of ads don't work. Response is all you need. Why am I telling you these things when this article is designed for the same reason? Because it's the truth, you need to hear it. Even if you don't respond and make contact with me you will remember that you heard it here first. Somewhere, someday you must learn how to communicate your message through copy.

So, there you have it. The 5 most important MLM secrets every business must have to guarantee your success. So, now what? Is your company or your leaders teaching you how to implement these tools into your business? More importantly, are they teaching you how to master these skills for yourselves? I doubt it. They can't. The silly part is they should. If they did their organizations would grow so fast your companies couldn't keep up with demand. Maybe that's their excuse. The truth, your leaders need you far more than you need them, but you must learn to stand on your own feet.

Here's to your success. I hope this has been some very valuable information. I am so very passionate with what I do.
Author J. Warner
Personal business adviser


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