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MLM Secret - Track Your Way To Massive Network Marketing Success

Derick Van Ness

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In Network Marketing there are many overlooked keys to ultimate success, but one that is vitally important is learning to track your way to massive MLM success.

To most people this would seem ‘unimportant', but those same people also wonder why they can't seem to gain any momentum in their business. Tracking your way to success in Network Marketing is one of the surest ways to always ensure that your business will continually get better and unmistakably become a powerful income over time.

To illustrate my point, I've paraphrased a short story that I once heard:

There once was a young, successful salesman in his 3rd year of work who was approached by another salesman who had been in the same business for 20 years. The younger salesman was producing nearly 4 times the results of the older salesman, so the more experienced man asked the younger executive how he was able to be so successful. The younger man replied, “I've just gotten better every year".

"Well, that doesn't make sense", said the older salesman, “I've have 20 years of experience and you only have 3. "

The young man smiled and kindly said, “No, you have one year of experience, and have repeated it 20 times because you aren't tracking your results and learning to get better each time you work with a customer. "

I like this story because if you are ever going to get better and find success with your MLM Network Marketing company, you must learn to track your results to determine what is ‘working’ and what is ‘not working’. You must then change the things that aren't working, and expand upon the things that are getting the results you desire.

If you do this continuously, it will have an exponential impact on your Network Marketing success because even a 2% increase in one area and a 5% increase in another area can combine to add 15-20% to your results in another year or two. And if you learn to track your way to Network Marketing success by making incremental improvements in all areas of your MLM business, it can be the massive difference between failing and becoming a top producer.

To sum it all up, “Those who fail to track their results are doomed to repeating the same mistakes over and over again. "

You can find out more about Network Marketing Success Secrets visit Derick's website: and order his Free Report on how to add dozens of reps per week into your business, or e-mail him at

Derick Van Ness owns several businesses including his primary MLM Business, a Real Estate Company, and his Marketing and Consulting Practice where he coaches people on how to succeed with their MLM businesses and Marketing Systems.


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Network Marketing Success Secret I Learned In Singapore
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