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MLM Work From Home Opportunity - Or is it a Work at Home Scam?

Viola Bontrager

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Everyone is looking for the perfect home based business, whether it is an MLM work from home opportunity or just simply a business that is home based. And because there is also a lot of skepticism on the whole idea of working from home, many are afraid of being sucked into a work at home scam.

First of all, let me tell you that there are, unfortunately, many work at home scams out there. In most cases, when you see an advertisement telling you how they made a million virtually overnight with nothing - you can rest assured you have just come across a scam!

Why are there so many ads out there like that? The answer is simple. Many people are looking for a way to get rich quick. They want a silver bullet answer to all their problems. If those ads didn't work so well, to get people's attention - the advertising companies would quit using them!

And then you have the realistic person that is just wanting honest answers to what really works in an MLM work from home opportunity or a non MLM business opportunity. They are simply trying to make the best decision for themselves on what kind of business to get involved in.

If a company is asking you to pay for information - it's likely a work at home scam. . . In most scenarios like that, you may send them a few bucks for information, and what you will get is information on how to place the exact same ad that YOU just answered to, so that people can now pay you for THEIR information so that THEY can now place ads so that others can pay them. . . I think you get the picture.

They usually disguise it as data entry, or data processing, envelope stuffing, typing at home, etc. . .

An MLM work from home opportunity is simply a means for a lot of people to work from home, marketing a product or service for a company. In most cases it is saving the companies thousands in marketing costs and therefore they can afford to pay out commissions several levels deep on their compensation plan. There are a variety of MLM marketing plans, but basically they all work in a similar manner.

You get paid a commission of what you sell personally, plus a commission when you refer someone else to the company and they get started. Usually you will make a commission off what they and their downline sells as well. . . So, naturally, the way to make a lot of money in MLM or network marketing is to help as many other people get started as you can. Win-win for everybody. . .company makes money thru your advertising efforts, YOU make money for your efforts, and you are helping others make money and change their lives as well. . .

If you are one of those people that want more of a traditional type of business without all the downline building, and trying to understand the comp plans, there are also non MLM home business opportunities available. These typically have a higher start up with a higher return on investment - but it is also a wonderful opportunity to be working from home using the internet and network marketing to market your product or service.

There are very successful six figure income earners in both types of work from home opportunities. Anyone with a burning desire to succeed can do so with an online business or MLM work from home opportunity. It may take a year or maybe several years to build your business, but for many the only other alternative is to live a lifetime of bondage to debt and working for the other man for a fraction of the value of their labor.

After searching for over 10 years for the right opportunity, Viola is now a successful home based business owner/coach with Coastal Vacations .


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