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Work at Home Scams - Can I Work at Home for Free?

Viola Bontrager

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"It must be a work at home scam because they are asking for money. . . I want to work at home for free. . . I am looking to get paid - not to pay to work. . . Why should I have to invest in order to make money from home?. . . "

I am sure anybody that has been in the home business world long enough hears all of the above plus. . . So many people are looking for a JOB that they can work from home. They need a few extra hundred dollars a month and can't seem to find anyone that is hiring people to work at home.

Bottom line is that - there are very few such jobs. If you can find a local company to work with, or that is willing to contract work to you, then you might be able to work at home for free. Otherwise , most of the ‘at home jobs’ are work at home scams. Here are a few of the most popular ones:

  • Data entry work at home jobs
  • Typing work at home jobs
  • Processing online orders
  • Rebate processing jobs
  • With all the modern technology, very few employers are willing to deal with the hassle of hiring at home workers , where they have no control over the quality and quantity of the services provided. That and with all the corporate downsizing, has left a lot of folks grasping for hope in the online marketplace.

    If you are looking to get paid to work, not to pay to work - you will need to go out and find a job. That's what that is called - a JOB! If you are an entrepreneur and are open to a challenge and want to achieve a measure of success in your life - you will want to look at possibly getting started in a home based business.

    It is very possible to make a very lucrative income, with a home based business. There are companies marketing anything from pet supplies, health and wellness, weight loss, skin care, fuel additives, chocolate, travel to almost anything you can think of, using the internet and network marketing to do so. And why not??

    Instead of having to pay all the overhead of employees, advertising, and marketing their products, they can very well afford to pay out a handsome commission to a network of people that are marketing their products or services for them. There are new companies rising up all the time.

    In most cases they provide you with websites and training on how to run your new business.

    Which brings me to the question of ‘Can I work at home for free. . ?’ In most cases there is an investment of either time or money and in most cases both. When you get started in your very own home based business, you are investing into your future and into yourself - just as in ANY business. Although the investment is much less, there will be some financial layout. In fact - a sure sign of a work at home scam is one that tells you that you can make millions without investing a dime! It's just simply not possible.

    With any business, there will be advertisement expenses, so even if you didn't have to invest in the business, per say, you would need to invest into some sort of advertising. Some of the best home based business opportunities are ones that you invest both time and money - in some cases, your investment is only a few hundred and you can expect to reach a six figure income within 5 years or so. . . . In other businesses, the investment may be several thousand and with those types of home businesses the return on your investment is usually much quicker. . . . But in ALL cases , it takes a consistent and persistent effort in building your business, to become a successful six figure income earner - working from home!

    After trying the data entry, envelope stuffing, and a variety of other ways to create an income from home, I finally found a way. . . . CLICK HERE to get more details on what has allowed me to be a work at home Mom to my five kids.


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    Work From Home Scams In Disguise
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