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Network Marketers Turn Greatest Threat Into An Advantage

Happy Riches

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How creative do you have to be to survive in today's competitive cut-throat world of Internet marketing?

Creativity has it limits. Have ever noticed that people who are too creative tend to be what Aesop, the story teller, called “too heavenly minded for any earthly good". The overzealous creative Internet marketer is like extreme jazz, where the musician gets lost in the jam session and loses most of his audience.

Internet marketing is about finding out what people want and delivering that to them for an acceptable price at a profit for your troubles.

In the process of doing what an Internet marketer does there are a number of things that are deadly to your survival. One of these things is a virus. Fortunately, these can be stopped. So, too, can trojan horses and spyware.

The concepts behind these are what is really interesting to the Internet marketer, because by utilizing these ideas to advantage turns the tables on the threat of getting no traffic at all. In fact, not using the strategies that can be employed with these concepts will prove more costly than you might realize.

This is not just about beating your competition but actually making sure that you are not letting your competition beat you.

Viral marketing is the name that is given to this concept. The idea is that viral marketing will be infectious and create a buzz around a particular product. But viral market goes further in that by having links embedded in informational ebooks, people will hopefully pass the ebooks on to other people, who will in turn click on your links and then purchase the products you are offering.

What is appealing about the viral marketing technique is people do not feel pressured by advertising and are more inclined to make informed purchasing decisions, which means that each click-through is going to result in more quality traffic for you the marketer. Of course, you will need to have an ebook or a report that contains helpful information; and it needs to be well-written. You do not want something that is filled with mistakes and going to give you a poor reputation.

Viral marketing is better than a person reading an offline catalog and making a decision, because if the prospective purchaser is slightly uncertain about whether he or she really wants to buy the product, all they have to do is click on the link and a sales page can reinforce what is in the ebook. So it is important that you have excellent sales copy.

The idea of a virus killing your computer has now been turned into a means of killing the fears of potential purchasers as they gain more trust to us the Internet for buying their hearts desire. This is a critical element for getting more people to buy from Internet marketers. By using the viral marketing technique, you will be getting people referring others by merely saying have a read of this, rather than trying to sell them on your product.

Just as people tend to have a low resistance to viral strains, so, too, when it comes to viral marketing there is a similar low resistance level.

Happy Riches knows how to show you how. Happy Riches also runs an educational membership club which has a focus on people becoming healthy, wealthy and wise. The internet version is currently being offered free of charge. Happy Riches can be found at


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Successful Network Marketers - How They Got That Way
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