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Network Marketing Leads - Sorting Through The Maze of Choices (Part One of Two)

Cathy Yeatts

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There is no denying the importance of leads in any Network Marketing Business. Leads, and plenty of them, are the lifeblood of any MLM or direct sales business. So, a network marketer mainly focuses on getting as many quality leads as possible into their marketing funnel, to increase conversions, product sales and distributor sign-ups.

Many different companies who specialize in providing leads to the home-based business industry have sprung up on the internet. A small majority of the companies have a good track record and many satisfied clients. Unfortunately, a good number of companies are just resellers. This may mean that payment options are limited and customer service is limited. As for quality, this can vary. It is important that you understand the types of purchased network marketing leads, so that you can be an educated consumer.

First off, you will hear lots of terminology that might be confusing. You may be presented with only a few types of leads, or maybe you will hear about a deluxe menu! These include Exclusive, Semi-exclusive, Telephone verified, Company Specific, Real time, 3-7 days old, 7- 15 days old, Email Redirected and so on. If you want to spend money on the best network marketing leads for your opportunity, learn to ask questions and plenty of them. How were the leads generated? Were they short form (just name, address, phone and email) or long form (name, address, phone, email and extra information, such as the amount available to invest. ) Are they ‘fresh’ or really, really old? Can you actually see a couple of the lead capture pages used to generate the leads on the internet?

It is important to be aware that the various categories they segregate them under will affect the cost, sometimes quite dramatically. So your leads might cost only pennies each, or they may sell for $25 each, depending on the type. Your budget will suffer needlessly if you are not aware that several types of premium leads may not really be all that different, as far as results are concerned. Also keep in mind, when leads are extremely inexpensive, you will probably get what you pay for! (Not much. )

More often than not, claims about fresh and exclusive Network Marketing leads are either fake or overly hyped. The greatest challenge that the average network marketer faces here is discerning the quality of the leads. With the exception of a very few companies, most will provide you with old, oversold and non-responsive sales leads. As a normal course of business, most lead vendors re-sell the information over and over again. By the time you make contact by telephone, the prospect may be totally annoyed with the volume of phone calls they have received. Or they have already decided to join another opportunity. Ouch, that hurts!

Many of the lesser quality vendors have gathered sales leads through some cheap freebie offer/ gift/ lottery/ free vacation kind of sites. This results in leads that are nowhere near to what you are looking for, and often the people have not even the faintest idea of what network marketing is all about, let alone being inclined to join. You may be treated on the phone as if you were a cold-calling telemarketer. Working these types of leads can be very time consuming and discouraging. This does not propel your business forward.

What is the solution? I can say from experience that the best leads are those that you create yourself. You might do this with Google or Yahoo. Or you might do this with article marketing or a blog about network marketing. Of course, we all need a healthy lead flow, and this will have to be supplemented from time to time, with purchased leads. Just be sure to get references from the company. Maybe some other people in your organization (upline or downline) can refer you to a reputable source. Make every effort to be an educated consumer and you will not be as likely to waste your hard-earned dollars.

The very best solution of all to this problem is to create a daily flow of highly-targeted network marketing leads who chase you, rather than you chasing them. This is the New Attraction Marketing model, which I will be covering in more detail in part two: “Network Marketing Leads: Sorting Through the Maze of Choices. "

Cathy Yeatts is an online entrepreneur and direct sales marketer. Learn how to successfully create free and low cost mlm leads for your network marketing business. Cathy is the The Official Guide to Network Marketing and MLM at


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