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Recession 2008 - Is It Happening & Can We Do Something About It?

Rory Singh

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Recession, Recession that is all you are hearing from almost every media source out there. Well if it isn't happening it sure will because once people start to spread the word, everyone & their grandmothers will hold on to their money.

Gas prices are on the rise there is no doubt about that. The authorities blame higher prices on a supply & demand issue. What is there not enough gas to go around? If that is the case then why doesn't the government mass release the new hybrid vehicles that they are sitting on. These vehicles run on very little gasoline & mostly on some form of electricity. No, they just keep pushing the envelope. Turn on your TV & all you see are advertisements on gas gulping super sized SUV's that just keep on hurting the environment.

Higher gas prices = Higher consumer costs

Have you seen the price of diesel? It's even higher than gasoline & here is the real kicker; Diesel is cheaper to refine than gasoline. Higher diesel prices create a domino effect. Everything in your house hold like food, furniture, clothing & even your baby's diapers had to be transported. If you have it in your house then most likely it was delivered by truck. Trucking companies have to pay higher prices for fuel & then charge more to manufacturer & shippers in order to remain in business. Everything else all the way down the chain has to get jacked up. Now who do you think picks up the bill in the end? We consumers do that's who!

This doesn't end there. Taxes keep getting higher. Companies continue to downsize & more jobs keep getting exported overseas where the labour is cheaper.

They (authorities) told us to get a good education & everything will be okay.

-Then why do so many kids leave school deep in debt before they even get a good start on life?

They said to go & find a good job, work hard, retire at age 65, play golf or sail the world in to your golden years.

-Then why is it so hard to find this good job is it because it is overseas? -Then why are many seniors now still working well past 65?

How dumb do they think we are? The word should be ignorant. Many folks choose to remain in their comfort zones feeling safe until they get laid off & then go in to a panic mode.

The main problem in society is this “in the box" thinking.

We are all brain washed since we were very young by our family & friends. Our parents basically told us what their parents told them. Has it been good advice? What worked for Grand Daddy in the good old days sure can't work in this day & age.

The problem lies even deeper than our parent's advice. It starts with our outdated school system. Our kids are still receiving industry age level education. Do you think that this is an accident? This is the information age for crying out loud.

What the heck is going on in this world today? Most people are just sitting ducks hoping that everything will turn out right. The key word here is hoping.

In a nutshell, recession starts with higher gas prices & war.

Then why are the fuel costs going up?

It's going up because of greed & to keep us in constant debt.

If most of us are kept in debt, most of us are forced to remain scared. If we are scared then we will try to stay safe by not doing anything out of the box. The best way to control a nation is to keep everyone living in fear & that is definitely happening.

The middle class is slowly disappearing & may soon become extinct. The rich is getting richer while the poor seems to be expanding at a phenomenal rate.

Now what can we do about this situation? The best thing that we can do is to follow Robert Kiyosaki & Donald Trump's advice in there book “Why We Want You To Be Rich. " If you can be rich or poor then it would be better to choose being rich. If you can't do anything about the rising costs then do something to increase your income.

Donald Trump appeared on the David Letterman Show once. Dave asked him if he ever lost his billion, what would he do. Trump said that he would find a good network marketing company, roll up his sleeves & get to work. The audience laughed but Trump looked at them & said: “That's why I'm sitting up here & you are all sitting out there. "

In the end you can choose to do nothing & continue to live your life as you are while hoping that everything remains safe.


You can seek out a good network marketing company, roll up your sleeves & get busy while the going's good.

Every week over One Million people search online for a business. Many of them will start a business of some kind. The home based industry is booming!

Peace, Happiness & Prosperity are your God Given Rights, don’ let anyone tell you different!

Anyone can build a life by design if their desire is to do just so, but don't sit around & wait for something good to happen. You could be waiting for a very long time. Take the initiative to do something about your life today.

Rory Singh is a Home Business Development Coach and Professional Marketing Consultant. To learn how to set up & run your own online business successfully & efficiently visit:


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Recession Proof Businesses How to Beat the Current Recession
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