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The 7 Lies of Network Marketing


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Network Marketing is just another name for MLM. A lot of companies and distributors will use the term Network Marketing to avoid the negative stigma of the term MLM but they are one and the same. Below I have compiled the 7 lies of Network Marketing so you may know how to succeed and know when any one or several of these lies are pitched by a distributor trying to recruit you into their “opportunity" (or your upline if you are already in an MLM company). Watch for these and know how to react.

1. Everyone is your prospect - You've got to be kidding. No way that everyone is your prospect. Most MLMs sell products that have a specific market niche. Men, for instance, would not be good prospects for Mary Kay or Avon. If you want to succeed, target the segment of the population that fits the products you are pitching.

2. This isn't really sales, we just share products with people. - This is plain deception. Yes, we share products with others but why do we do this? SALES! I *will* say sharing is truly the way to do it though because if you have a great product, they'll buy without a sales pitch. I have made sales this way by sharing a new or exciting product and several times I have had them buy on the spot. If you truly have a great product know that anyone who buys a product from you will likely be a repeat customer.

3. Anyone can do this - NO. I was listening to an MLM marketing guru and he said and I quote “50% of the population is not neurologically hard wired to run a successful home business". I believe that's true. The key is finding the other 50% who can be successful in a home business.

4. We'll build your business for you. - NO. I have a slogan of my own on this one - “You hafta wanna". Yes, I'll help and support but without that “hafta wanna" attitude and desire, you will fail and there is nothing I can do about that. It is YOUR business and YOU have to work at it, build it, do whatever it takes. The fact of the matter is there will be trials and errors. This is part of the growth. You learn what works and what doesn't. You don't quit just because you fail a few times. I have had many people inquire about the business and I'll talk to them a few times but if they don't take action, that's their problem, not mine and I have better things to do like supporting the productive members of my team. I want nothing more than to see ALL my team members succeed but they have to be willing to work and demonstrate that.

5. We have the best product ever. This is very subjective and most MLM companies will tell you to tout this fallacy. In most cases, it's just not true. Products don't work any better than over-the-counter, they cost way too much, etc. There are a few companies, however, that do have a great product and their products are competitively priced. The quality of the product is not all you have to consider either. You have to consider the perceived value the purchaser believes they are getting and balance that with a decent profit margin for yourself. If the profit margin is great AND the perceived value is high, so much the better. You can discount off of suggested retail to give your customer a better deal AND you can pitch this as x% off of retail at the same time to imply an even greater value to the consumer.

6. You just don't have enough belief - Belief? Belief alone will not build your business. A good work ethic and learning as you go and getting good ACCURATE training is essential.

7. The proven system - Proven? Proven against what standard? I will tell you this, look for a company that provides many ways to sell their line of products and make it very easy to earn residual income. Now that it is an attractive system.

The intent of this article is give you a good overview of the extent network marketing companies and distributors will go to recruit you and keep you. I cannot stress enough to do your homework researching network marketing companies and be thorough in doing it. I invite you to check out the network marketing company I am involved in. The products are great, easy to sell (80% of households use these products!), the distributors are friendly and helpful, the training is first rate and everyone helps everyone else, no matter if they are upline, downline, crossline etc. There is no infighting or competition among its members. This last is very difficult to find in a network marketing company.

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