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Mind Control Marketing - Mark Joyner's Book a Masterpiece for Network Marketers

Lisa Young

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Mark Joyner can be proud of his many accomplishments.

In less than 36 hours, his book, "MindControlMarketing: How Everyday People are Using Forbidden Mind Control Psychology and Ruthless Military Tactics to Make Millions Online" rocketed to number one on Amazon and left a cloud of dust in it's wake as it was taken out of print almost as quickly.

There were rumors as to why the book was pulled. Speculation soared around the possibility that Mark's relationship with the “seasilver incident" that coincided with his book launch, may have led to the withdrawal of the book from the market. Internet circles buzzed about the possibility of a missing chapter, that would never be made available to the public.

Whatever the reason, the absence of the book led to skyrocketing sales prices on Ebay and Amazon. As of this writing, the book is currently selling at a starting price of nearly $200.

Mark seems to have had a change of heart, however, as he just announced a re-release of his book that will launch April 8, 2008.

Why is this significant to Network Marketers?

Simply put, Mindcontrolmarketing is one of the best books on persuasion, closing and customer sales skills you could possibly own. A quote from the opening chapters leaves little doubt of the effectiveness of Mark's strategies. In perusing my copy, I am reminded of a description of a collegiate experiment, where students were told to apply increasingly higher voltages of electricity to a “subject" (a paid actor hired for the experiment). Ultimately the subject would be dealt a lethal voltage level, but the question of the experiment was whether or not the students would deal the final blow if they knew they would not be prosecuted.

The student was told with authority that it was OK to go ahead. This was an “officially-sanctioned" experiment, and they would not be legally or ethically liable for whatever happened. Amazingly, 62 percent of the students taking part in this experiment were willing to administer the fatal shock.
Mark Joyner then goes on to illustrate the power that authority has over group mindset. I've written before on the power of establishing yourself as an authority in the eyes of your client group. This chapter outlines they whys and hows of the effectiveness of being an authority in a sales environment.

But this is only one of twenty chapters (twenty one in the new release) that cut right to the heart of how to persuade without coming off like a salesman, as well as how to protect yourself from the barrage of “salesy" messages that permeate our world on a daily basis. Mark Joyner talks extensively about “herd mentality" and how to create your own herd, harness that mentality, and corral them into your pocketbook.

I would hardly call this an unbiased endorsement, since I've been an avid follower of Joyner since I discovered Simpleology in January, 2008. There's little that he puts out that isn't excellent, and as a Network Marketer, there's much to learn from someone that appears to be completely out of the MLM arena. In fact, Mark's current blog discusses the odds of success in a Network Marketing venture, and while I tend to disagree with his theories, I admire the open conversation that's going on there.

But for the serious Network Marketer - whether you're in a home party plan or multi-level type company, you need this book. And Mark's promised a more reasonable sales price when the book re-launches: less than $30USD.

Originally written for the Internet Marketing community, there's plenty of learning to do with Joyner's book, and the “"missing" chapter purports to be even more powerful than the rest of the entire book . Loaded with illustrations that instruct as well as impact, MindControlMarketing is a powerhouse crash course in marketing tactics. With chapter titles like “Obedience to Authority" and “Framing: Beauty may be only skin deep, but who wants to be ugly?", Joyner understands how to push the hot buttons of your customers and encourage new business, repeat business, and continuous business - for years to come.

There's no word yet on how long this version of the book will stay around, but if the video on Mark's website is any indication, you can be sure sales will be brisk.

For more information about Lisa Young and her adventures in Simpleology, visit Lisa's Simpleology Blog at

Unlike other industry writers, who left direct sales to pursue speaking careers, Lisa Young is still in the trenches, running her direct sales business and leading her teams to success. Her book, Home Party Solution is a step-by-step method to harness the internet to boost bookings, sales and recruits. Read the first chapter free and subscribe to the monthly business boosting e-zine, “PartyOn!" at


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