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Network Marketing Success - Add Duplicatable Viral Marketing And Explode Your Organization

Jonathan Hutchinson

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Putting viral marketing to work for your network marketing business is a brilliant strategy. When implemented correctly, your organization will grow rapidly as the “virus" spreads from person to person.

First, you need a product that you can send individual samples of.

Next, you have to have a fulfillment center to take care of all the mailings.

And then you need to follow the system that is provided to “trigger" your explosion of exposure.

How does a viral system work inside a network marketing company?

For an example of viral networking in action, I am going to give you a quick rundown on how DrinkACT's viral marketing system works.

Once a new dealer has joined and decides that the viral marketing component could work for them, this is what they have to do to set off the explosion of exposure.

They first have to set up an account with the fulfillment center.

The new dealer chooses 20 people that may be interested in the product and the opportunity. Once that information is given to the fulfillment center, a sample pack is mailed to each prospect within 24 hours.

Follow-up, follow-up, follow-up.

Once the new dealer starts to sponsor others and trains them and encourages them to use the fulfillment center, a viral explosion starts to take place as more and more sample packs are being mailed out.

The 1st dealer never has to do another mailing because his team is now duplicating what he has done and is sending out their own sample packs. Continue to work with and support your team and you may never have to spend another dime on advertising, ever!

Let's take a quick look at some numbers.

If 20 sample packs were sent out and the new dealer followed up with everyone, he would most likely get a bare minimum of 5 new dealers. When those 5 new dealers send out their sample packs, well, now he would have 100 sample packs going out to prospects that will end up in his downline when they decide to join.

Rinse and repeat. As long as each new dealer plugs in and uses the system once, his organization will continue to grow exponentially as more and more sample packs are being mailed out from his organization.

As I mentioned before, adding a viral marketing component to your network marketing business won't work for everyone.

Here are a few things to think about should you decide to try.
  1. Is your product small enough and inexpensive enough to send samples through the mail?
  2. Does your product provide “instant" results that will have your prospects ready to order immediately?
  3. Is your compensation plan viral friendly?

If you think adding a viral marketing component to your network marketing company would help your business a lot, your next step is to talk to your upline and go up from there. Create a buzz and get corporate on board. It's in your hands now. . . get viral!

Jonathan Hutchinson started earning money online in July of 2005. He has mastered many marketing techniques and continues to use them every day to amass a quiet fortune from his internet marketing and network marketing ventures. You are invited to learn his secrets and join his team by visiting Jonathan Hutchinson online and filling out the form.

You will get an incredible e-book, absolutely free, as soon as you submit your information.


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