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MLM Success Is There Any Real Truth

David Nettles

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This happens all the time in the network marketing industry. You get a new prospect to join your opportunity and you will not tell them the real requirements to be successful. Everyone always thinks the new person will cut and run. The truth is in all multi - level marketing companies new people give up or drop out. It is a much better idea to tell them the truth right away because you will make much more solid friends telling the truth. You will gain more respect as a person that can be relied on. So we will look at some of the things you should be telling your new people right up front so they will become the MLM Success you are looking for.

We hear all too often the words it is a numbers game. This in a lot of ways is just not true. What it really is a people game with real Moms and Dads people trying to make their way in life. People trying to make ends meet feed their families pay their bills. To me these are just not numbers. When you start to help your new prospect to understand this fact the success come much faster.

We all have even sat in on many training conference seminars for home business programs. And most all do not tell the real truth about what the new person will need to do to become a success.

Some of the programs out there want you to believe the responsibility falls on the new prospect to figure this out on their own. This is just not doing our job in an honest fashion because we really know what the truth is we should share it. So many of what could be very successful people that start a new program get the idea they just bought the winning lotto ticket business and very quickly they learn that it is not. By being truthful with this same person setting the proper expectations a lot more of them go on to become very successful.

Do not get this point wrong it is not our job to carry anyone but is our job to be as honest as we can to help the new prospect from making a mistake. Maybe he is really not right for your opportunity and if you do not give him enough information to figure this out then you have failed.

Home business programs have expenses or overhead just like the old brick and mortar operations of the past like an autoship. You will need to have one to earn your commissions and maybe there will be web site maintenance costs on a monthly basis. Your new prospect must have a computer and internet access. It is very important they understand this up front do not let them join you if they do not understand.

It is also our job to know what the new prospect is looking for. What kind of income he is after what his business building budget is. How much time he is willing to invest in building his business. Without these basics upfront the new prospect will not last long. And most always in this case you will waste your time because you did not give him all the facts up front.

Network marketers are promoting their business as an easy way to get rich. Almost like winning the lotto. The truth is far from it because these programs are real businesses and real products must be moved is big volumes to make big incomes. So there is will be work involved new skill sets will need to be acquired. We ourselves will need to become better than we are now to do this.

There is a patent pending program new to the industry on the market that solves these problems that is worth your time to learn about. Go to: Cool Home Business

David Nettles lives in South Florida and runs his home-based business part-time. He is also the publisher of


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The Hard Truth About Success
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