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Big Mistakes Network Marketers Make Trying to Close a Sale

David Nettles

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Home business people fold under the pressure of closing the sale making the finale request. We will explore some of the mistakes that are made closing sales what to do to make sure you get the sale. By providing a presentation that has all the answers in a simple and to the point way getting the sale can be very easy. Here are some problems to be alert to.

Problem 1: Not knowing what to say is deal breaker number one.

We all make the mistake when we do not have the right words of asking the prospect what he or she thinks. So that's what they do is think. Think did they remember to feed the cat and everything going on in their head other than your presentation. This is normal human nature for a person to do this because that is what you ask him or her to do. It is our jobs to direct his or her thinking to the subject at hand. Ask the kind of open ended questions like can you see what your life will be like in 5 years. Questions that make him or her think about the long forgotten goal or dream that gave up on because they know the job will never let them achieve it. You want this person thinking right now starting now about taking control of his or her life and making the future should be.

Another thing that comes out of our mouth is do you want to get started today? And the natural response is no and that's it you are done. There are some things that must happen at this point of the sale in closing.

1. You must present your request to get the results of the sale.

2. It also must be very simple and direct in a way anyone can do.

This process is step by step and must be constructed that way in order of a, b and c so he can see that yes it is simple and yes it is something I can do. It is your job to direct the thoughts of your prospect to draw his or her conclusion. If you come across like you have all the answers or just very smart you will make your prospect think that is complicated. I do not have a chance to learn how to be that articulate He is a lot better than I could ever be. Bang just like that you lose another prospect. You need to keep is simple and not with the A type personality. You ask how come? It's because your closing needs to be easy and simple so the step by step can be duplicated by anyone else.

One excellent way to prove the ease of duplication to the prospect is to pull your notes out and read your closing answers and question back to your prospect. Even though you know all the answers word for word backwards and forwards make the prospect see the simplicity in it. It's as easy as reading a script you prospect thinks I could even do that.

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David Nettles lives in South Florida and runs his home-based business part-time. He is also the publisher of


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