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You Are The Most Important Factor In Any MLM


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Of course there are many important factors in any business; the product, the marketing system, the support team, the payment plan etc. However, the most important factor by far is you. You alone have the power to commit or give in, you have the power to succeed or fail.

Myth 1: Duplication is as easy as 1,2,3!

One of the most important concepts to grasp is that even though a system may be “duplicated, " that doesn't meant that the results will be duplicated. Why? The human factor. It takes a lot of hard work, time and dedication to build any business and some people are just going to work harder than others. So even though having a proven system in place is fundamental, just be aware that there are many other factors to take into consideration as well.

Myth 2: The Completely Automated System

There is no such thing as a “completely automated system. " It sounds attractive because that's what we all want, reward without sacrifice, but it just isn't true. How could something be completely automated? Even the best website in the world will never be seen unless it is properly marketed. Once again, there will always be one very important variable, you.

So how can we become dynamic leaders? Of course there are some people who have more of a predisposition to leading than others, but I truly believe that almost everyone can develop themselves into a dynamic leader. It takes discipline, it takes commitment and it takes courage. We need to train ourselves to be leaders. There are three key factors that will deeply affect our leadership abilities. Of course there are many more than three, but if we master these three qualities we will be well on our way to becoming a strong leader.

The first quality is passion. Have you ever spoken to someone who lacks passion for their business? There is absolutely no way that you will attract dynamic people into your organization if you sound bored. Nobody wants to join a boring business. A strong leader attracts like-minded people through their passion and energy. So, before you speak to anyone in your downline, be sure that you are pumped up. You may have to do 20 pushups or blast your favorite song on the stereo, but do whatever it is that gets you excited before you get on that phone!

The second quality shared by great leaders is consistency. People want to join a team where they know there is ongoing support and training when they need it. You have to be consistent with your communications to your team, let them know that you are still there and that you care about them and their growing business. This is where many people in the MLM business make a critical mistake, they may be super motivated in the beginning and communicating on a daily basis with their team, but many people lack the discipline to be consistent through the months and years. You will see the negative effects almost as you start to slack off in this business. Remember, you are the motivator to the team, so if you are unmotivated very few members of your team will productive. Be consistent and it will pay off exponentially.

The third great quality of true leaders is integrity. You have to care more about the team than yourself. For instance, if you are doing some co-op advertising, be sure that you take on the majority of the risk and the minority of the profit. Your team will respect that in you and it will encourage them to do more, to work harder and to pay it forward to their downline. MLM marketing doesn't have to be a dog eat dog world, it should be a highly ethical environment where the team leader is looking out for the group's best interests.

So there you have it, we can never eliminate the human factor in any business. The human factor is the most important element to any successful venture. If we practice integrity, consistency and passion in both our personal and professional lives, we will experience success and build stronger, healthier relationships.

Laura Cosse is a professional network marketer and a top producer in her company. She has consistently led her team members to a path of success by sharing her knowledge of online marketing. For more information on Laura and her business, please visit


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