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What Do The Stock Market and MLM Have in Common?

David Nettles

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Multilevel marketing companies have sprung up all over the world since the invention of the internet. Stock market investing is now available to anyone with a computer, credit card and an internet connection. You can trade stocks on just about any stock exchange anywhere in the world.

The Stock Market and Multilevel Marketing companies alike have produced some very successful people around the world. Large incomes are generated every month by some and this success is used to make more and more. Not all these successful people have your best interest at heart.

All any one of these well known experts needs to do is say the word and 100s of thousands of people will move on whatever they are promoting. They jump without ever doing their homework checking the fundamentals or pay plans to see what is really going on. With stocks the price is driven up to new highs and all the big players grab the money and run. Then all the less experienced people that did not move fast enough are caught paying the tab. With the new MLM company the expert who has a large following says jump and 100s follow making the expert an even bigger success with all of the less experienced again paying the tab.

In the two money making ideas, both have produced some success for some lucky few. Making it look like you did not work hard enough or you were not positive enough. When really if you had studied the fundamentals or the requirements to make profits there would no following the so called expert. You would have been able to determine the possibility of you becoming successful at the business or investment.

With MLM companies most of the time they require you to sponsor distributors and to sell products to make money. The big name pro already has a large following and all he has to say is this is a good company and his whole following jumps in without ever checking or doing their homework first. Then again it is the masses of inexperienced that pay the price of success for the select few.

The story goes, listen to the successful people to become a success yourself. But you must still do your home work first. You must still build your own business plan. You must still set your own goals. You will never get anywhere trying to ride on the coat tails of a successful person. The resources are available to you to build your plans to be successful if you just use them.

A brand new idea in home business programs has hit the internet that will work for everyone. One great thing is that not many of the heavy hitters have taken note yet and it has not become very popular yet. It is kind of riding under the radar if you will, perfect for all the inexperienced, retired or passive not able to sell of sponsor. But again don't take my word for it do your homework first and when you see what it will do for you then get on board.

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David Nettles lives in South Florida and runs his home-based business part-time. He is also the publisher of


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