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EDC Gold Review - Real Gold Is On The Rise, But Is EDC Gold?

Holli Diel

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This is a bit of an insider's look into EDC Gold, a company that some say is a very controversial program. This company, owned by Craig Garcia, which goes by many names; EDC Gold, Diamond, Easy Daily Cash and one of their latest programs, The Promo Black Box. I have been fortunate, over the last 20 years, to have worked at home on several different online programs, some very successful and some not. I am able to justify the funds I have spent or lost over the years by what I have learned about Internet marketing. In this review you will get a synopsis, the good and the bad, so you can judge for yourself if EDC Gold is a scam or not. This way, I hope that you will be that much closer to making an informed decision about the right online business for you.

The world wide web and marketing is a multi-billion dollar business and believe it, it is here to stay. I would assume that anyone with a good head for business would like to get a small piece of this Google pie. Something that I noticed in the New Your Times and USA Today is the strong message of, “If you own a business you really must have an online presence" And if you do not have the skills to maximize your profits online, then you are unfortunately leaving a huge amount of money on the table for your competitors.

EDC Gold is also known as an Aussie-2up program, and all this means is that a new member must give up their first two sales to their sponsor before receiving any personal profits with this online business.

Craig Garcia's company has just introduced a new addition called EDC Diamond. While in the prelaunch phase, EDC Diamond will allow it's marketers to purchase the EDC Gold program for $997 and you are promised to be grandfathered in at the EDC Diamond level. New members are also then qualified to market their new program which would originally sell for $2,497. There also is a monthly fee of $49 but a new member does have the choice of making a single payment of $350 instead.

Promo Black Box was introduced in the companies second year that was a combination of training, services and tools, that is an online marketing system for small to medium business.

This well known 2-up company also offers over 80 hours of pre-recorded online based and audio training to it's members. There is also over 12 hours of live web based training for each new member.

With my experience marketing programs online similar to this one, I have found that the amount of time it takes to begin seeing profits, and a return on your money, all depends on how quickly you learn the ropes and how much traffic you send to your online business.

When I started out online I began seeing the fruits of my labor in about a month and a half, however, I have spoken with others who have made it all happen with in a few weeks.

In closing Internet marketing all depends on you, the time you put in, and of course the sponsor you have to train you. The great thing about owning your own home based business is that you feel an empowerment in knowing that you did it yourself, but keep in mind, “You reap what you sow"

Holli Diel, a full time Internet marketer , devotes her time and energy to empowering her team, maximizing their online financial success. View Holli Diel's Youtube video for marketing techniques that work. Holli has a sales and marketing background that spans over 20 years.


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