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MLM Recruiting With Ease - It's A People Game

Lisa Young

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Forget the age-old adage, “It's a numbers game". It's not. Pure and simple. Business isn't a numbers game. It's a people game. The sooner Multi-level marketers, Direct Sales Consultants, and Home Party Professionals start treating their business like real businesses do, the sooner that fact becomes clear.

Donald Trump doesn't say, “Hmm, if I just keep making offers on properties, SOMEONE will sell to me. "

WalMart doesn't say, “If we sell to enough people, we'll make enough money. "

Home Depot doesn't say, “We just need to open ONE more store and then we'll be profitable. "

Why do Network Marketers do this? Because the shotgun approach does work - albeit VERY inefficiently. It's the lowest common denominator method of training new recruits. We signed up looking for an easy way to build our business instead of looking for the BEST way to build our business.

Sure. WalMart could afford to send postcards to every address in a state and invite them to shop at their store. But they don't. WalMart's strategic plan includes geographic and other demographic information so that each store is strategically located to maximize revenue for the company. In other words, they put the store where their customers are most likely to be.

Why do Network Marketers fail to do this? Because they've been trained to see EVERYONE as their target market, when this simply isn't so.

Think about that for a second. Are there people in the world, that if they came to you with cash in hand, you WOULDN'T want to work with? Even if they begged you? The answer should be yes.

Don't get so short sighted or greedy that you'll take ANYONE into your organization. That's how you end up with people I call leeches and lepers.

Leeches suck everything you have to give. They keep sucking up your time, talent, resources - everything you have to give - until they give up after draining you. Leeches rob you and your organization of precious time and energy that you could be devoting to helping others on your team build a strong book of business.

Lepers are the ones that are always ailing - never make the team meetings, never show up on time, never have recruiting leads. Basically, they never should have joined the business. As a leader, you owe it to lepers to tell them they aren't ready for your business opportunity. Don't be so quick to take someone's money and sign them up just because an incentive trip is on the line.

It's not about being a “no" collector either. If it takes you 99 people saying “no" to get one person to say “yes", you need to look at your approach, as well as your market. Nobody wants to hear no all day. Are you targeting your market or just shotgunning everyone?

In a targeted environment, most Network Marketers can and should expect a 20-50% “yes" rate. That means for every 2-5 people they meet, ONE will say yes. Isn't this approach MUCH less work for you? Of course it is.

But is it more difficult? You bet. At least at first. Because it requires brain power to figure out WHO your target market is, and then FIND them. IT takes practice to get your presentation down cold. You have to work your business like a business. Once you've found them, you need to establish rapport. Most people need to like you, and know you before they will trust you enough to sign off on a recruiting application.

Do you think The Donald didn't have to work a little bit to become successful? Do you think Sam Walton just hung a shingle outside his first store and made millions? Hardly. Business is work. Network Marketing is a business - if you choose to treat it like one. When you start to see people not as numbers but as living breathing demographics - with wants, needs, desires and fears like you - it becomes much easier to close the gap and recruit with ease.

Make connections. That's the “networking" part of network marketing. It's not about pulling people into your downline. It's about helping people reach their dreams, goals and aspirations. It's not a numbers game. It's a people game.

Lisa Young researches marketing trends and tactics for the home party plan industry, particularly internet-based marketing strategies. Lisa has nearly 10 years in the Direct Sales field both as an independent consultant and trainer. Her FREE business boosting newsletter, “PartyOn!" is filled with tips, tricks and tactics for increasing booking and recruit leads. You can sign up or learn more at


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