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Teach Your Recruits to Fish!

Lisa Young

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If you have been in Direct Sales or MLM for very long, you'll come to the realization that building a team is a great way to leverage your time and increase your income with a minimal amount of effort. I say minimal amount of effort because there is some effort involved. You can't just assume a recruit will stay an active member of your organization without at least some work on your part.

It is so important for you to understand this principle. The very backbone of leveraging your time and increasing your income is to examine your mindset. You have to understand that the best way to build a team and RETAIN your recruits is that you must help your first level and then teach them how to help THEIR first level recruits. You must have a system that they can follow in order to be effective. By now you've no doubt heard the word “duplicatable". We're not talking about cloning yourself in the traditional MLM sense of the word (do exactly what I say and in enough time you'll be successful), we're talking about conveying a system that can be customized to an individual's style and applied effectively throughout the organization. To do this, you must first have a method that works for you. Understand that your team needs to be able to customize this approach to their team, but the system itself should be fairly easy to implement.

But the most important key is training your recruits so that they know how to train their recruits, too. You must be able to HELP your personal recruits and show them how to help their personal recruits, too. If you help your team, and you both make money, then you are motivated to help them. Right? Doesn't it make sense that your recruits will want to help their recruits so that they can make money, too? When its done properly, Direct sales/MLM is a beautiful system that works for everyone. You don't have to sell the world! You just have to serve your customer (which includes personal recruits).

So what does it mean to help your recruits?

It means being available to answer questions - and when you don't know the answers, being honest and pointing them in the direction where they can get answers. It means training them or making sure they are getting the training they need, taking them along to watch your demo, helping them get organized and get off to a great start. It might even mean doing a few conference calls or training calls - I personally drive the carpool to my company's monthly training to make sure my new recruits are getting to the meeting on time. It also means I can offer additional training and answer questions on the way there and back. Your ultimate goal for each person you recruit is to get them qualified and keep them active.

You will no doubt sign up people that will do nothing. When that happens, don't be discouraged! Never push a person in a direction they don't want to go because it'll only cause you grief. Instead, set your sites on helping the others on your team that want to be active. As soon as you sign up one or two people in your first level, you will want to help these people while you continue your personal recruiting efforts.

During this period, your upline also will be available to help you (especially if you haven't reached leader status yourself). Therefore, your upline is helping you, and you are helping your downline, which is the natural transference that should occur in Direct Sales/MLM. If you have an unresponsive upline, seek help fast!

Are you wondering how many people you can recruit? Stop it. Start thinking about how many people you can help. When you set yourself up as their helper and expert, your recruits are far more likely to recruit others because they will feel that you are “there for them when they need you". Brand new recruits should not be expected to handle their business entirely by themselves - at least not if you want them to be successful and stick around. You owe it to your team to offer them the help they need to be as successful as they want to be. When you do that, they will come to count on you and trust you in ways you've never thought of - which makes team building even easier!

Think about how many personal recruits you need to reach your next promotion goal. Now add two. That's how many people you should plan on helping. Mark your time and make a plan to help others achieve their goals. Want to move up in leadership? It almost always involves promoting leaders from your personal recruits. This is where teaching your recruits to help their recruits comes in handy. When they have learned how to be a good leader from you, it becomes a natural progression for them to help their recruits. Once your recruits start recruiting, their promotions become inevitable.

It all begins with a helpful hand. Teach them to fish, don't just give them a fish supper!

Lisa Young researches marketing trends and tactics for the home party plan industry, particularly internet-based marketing strategies. Lisa has nearly 10 years in the Direct Sales field both as an independent consultant and trainer. Her FREE business boosting newsletter, “PartyOn!" is filled with tips, tricks and tactics for increasing booking and recruit leads. You can sign up or learn more at


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