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What Is Your Formula For Dominating Any Niche Market Or Multiple Markets?


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To dominate your niche market or markets you have to first of all know what you want!

But heh, what DO you want? Health. Happiness. Wealth on the internet. Daily cash to help with debts, to help charities, or to start your own business?

It's a fact -

*Most people don't know what they want!

*They know what they don't want and much of their thinking is taken up with exactly that; thinking about what they don't want or how bad their life is.

It is a pretty negative way of looking at things.

How can you set your personal and business goals if you don't know what you want? How can you achieve in your chosen business generating cash on line if you cannot set your goals? And I do mean specifics. Just saying you want to be wealthy and earning daily cash from a niche market is too vague. You need to focus on what you want and why - find the right target market and aim for it - and keep aiming for it until you hit it.

This takes a certain amount of discipline, so don't be one of those that fall at the first hurdle. There is a FREE tool created by Mark Joyner called Simple-ology One. It is great fun to do and involves daily exercises that take only a few minutes but will increase your effectiveness and productivity massively, as well as showing you what your priorities are and how to set those all important goals.

Dominating your niche market depends not only on your attitude and how you apply yourself but knowing what to DO on line and what NOT to do on line. You must learn what your ‘power leeches’ are (maybe choosing daytime TV over taking action in your home business) and then find your ‘power uppers’. A power upper might be feeling more confident about knowing exactly what your niche your target market so that you don't waste time trying to be wealth on line, but looking in the wrong place.

We begin to feel more confident by learning more about marketing our business from those who know how to ‘fish in the right pond’. By this I mean getting to exactly the right target market again and again. This is knowledge that can help you in ANY business and will increase your success rate by over 1500%! For example, even having Audio on your website or e mail will increase your success rate by 300%. (you can e mail me about this by the way - it is soooo easy to do and, yes, it is fun - don't you think you should be enjoying yourself?

Every fish you catch in your new found marketing formula must be big enough and robust enough to keep your business going until the next fish comes along. Not every fish will be as big but in the right business the smaller fish can make an outstanding contribution!

A little cash set aside for more marketing and something set aside to satisfy your goals and your dreams will ensure your confidence explodes. Pretty soon, you have a whole net full of big fish allowing you to realise your dreams, earn daily cash, set your goals and re-invest in your business - or by then other niche businesses!

In most on line businesses your upliner or sponsor won't teach you what to do.

Do you know why? Because in most online businesses you become their competition once you join under them! They can soon become pretty cagey about how they achieve their online wealth. By learning the right formula for marketing, you can be one step ahead of everyone else and learn more about your actual target markets so that you can ‘fish for life'!

This is what I teach my prospects to do, because if you choose the right business, you don't pass up any sales and your prospects earn you money again and again from multiple marketing formulas.

You must adjust your attitude and take action - you may be fearful, but taking action is something you must do every day - just get going and learn as you go along. In any good business you will receive great support and training - use it! If you do this consistently you will be able to apply your new found marketing formulas to ALL your niches, businesses and family hobbies!

Take some time this week to imagine what your future might look like and the person you would like to become. Write these ambitions down and then imagine what your life will look like in one year from now.

See yourself in this life, behave as you would behave and think as you would think in your new life. Exciting isn't it?

The Perfect Wealth Queen's Tip of the Day

Study Mark Joyner's Simple-ology One, to get you in the ‘right frame of mind’ and organise yourself - It's FREE!

Task of the Day - Find it!

As soon as you start your own business and you are taught properly you will wonder why on earth you didn't do it years before! To your great success.

Denise Fiennes - 0033 5 61 68 37 91

I am going to give you a FREE gift on my website, which can be a model for how you might move towards making choices. It was important to me to work with an ethical company that offers rewards and entry levels ranging from $100 to $13,000. It's true, if you know how to ‘fish’ in the right pond, you will find working from home very exciting! You can help charities and you can earn in lots of different ways.

The Perfect Wealth Queen

Internet Entrepreneur: Hobbies - Fishing in the Right Ponds!
* working with marketing to dominate Any Niche market
* not chasing down family and friends to join a niche
* Teaching with step by step on line videos
* teaching what to do and what not to do online
* working with THE Mortgage Acceleration Plan (MAP)


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