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Easy Goal-Setting In Network Marketing Recruiting


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An amazing amount of books have been written about setting goals and if you attend any training meeting where the main topic is network marketing recruiting, there will be countless goal-setting books and tapes on sale from at least one vendor. I've read many of these books and I think they contain extremely good ideas, but for me, the trick with goal-setting is simplicity. To keep your network marketing recruiting campaign forever active, simply base the goal setting process on the pin-levels or recognition levels of your compensation plan.

Donkey's years ago, I launched my career as a network marketer with Amway. Regardless of what it's detractors say, Amway is a magnificent opportunity and much of the training is worth having, because it will provide anyone with a great knowledge-base for their future network marketing business. Most of their training is based on personal development. That's understandable because, in Amway you are not allowed to advertise the opportunity, so you have to sponsor. Modern network marketing companies allow mostly unfettered advertising which has led to “network marketing sponsoring" being replaced by “network marketing recruiting".

Regardless of whether you are sponsoring, recruiting, or combining a bit of both, setting goals will help you but you may find a bit of Amway training helpful, which is why I mentioned it in the first place. I was told simply to, “sponsor 15 to 25 wide" and to teach my team to do the same.

Take a look at your compensation plan and see if you can adapt this idea to it. I am using a generic marketing system as the basis for the recruiting campaign for my primary network marketing business. Both have recognition points or pin-levels so I could use either, but definitely not both - that would be confusing and the object is to keep it simple and straightforward. So I've decided to use the recognition stages of the generic marketing system that I use and keep the numbers within the 15 to 25 level.

The first level is that of Associate. It so happens that to achieve “Associate" I have to recruit 25 members - is Amway clever, or what! The next step is “Manager". That requires recruiting 50 members. The next level is “Senior Manager", and the next is “Executive". There are another four levels above that and the number of members that you need to recruit becomes great for each step as you climb. There is a bit of a challenge with this because achieving the top levels can see people needing to personally recruit hundreds and possibly thousands of members. When I was a novice (not so long ago), getting to one hundred was a daunting prospect, to say the least.

What I did first was to set the figure at 25. That meant that I needed to recruit 25 people. When that happened, I achieved “Associate" level. Then I set my goal to recruit enough new members so that 25 of them would achieve Associate level. Just because of the numbers involved that would place me at one of the upper pin-levels but my target would still be focused on 25 which is a small number. When one of my members recruited 25, I would have only 24 Associates left to find - not too big a number. I've done it once. I can repeat the process another 24 times. My next target would be to continue recruiting till 25 of my members had achieved “Manager" level.

Why could I not just stop after 25 of my members had achieved Associate level, especially if I was earning enough money. In answer; what would happen if any of those decided to stop building - it does happen all too frequently? The growth of my business would slow, possibly halt, and even decline - not so good.

Once I had 25 Managers, I would continue recruiting until I had 25 Executives, and so on. The important thing is to split the process into small stages and then once you've arrived, the goal setting is already transferable for the next stage of your network marketing recruiting campaign.

Gordon Milton is a successful online network marketer who uses a completely different approach to building his online home based business. Visit his website here: or Gordon's Blog:


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4 Steps to Easy Goal Setting
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