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Network Marketing Prospecting - 3 Reasons To Burn Your Names List

Joe Shaw

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Most uplines in Network Marketing will tell you to go out and make up a names list, and then do 3-way calls to pitch your products or opportunity. This is a traditional approach has been around for a long time, and has had much success. Some people find this approach too aggressive, and uncomfortable. So what else can a person do?

3 Reasons You Should Burn Your Names List

1) People do not really like it when you call them and pitch your business. I remember one time a friend of mine called me, and invited me over to his house. I was really glad. I wanted to get closer to this guy. When I got over there, he pulled out his white board and you guessed it, he starts drawing circles. . . I realize I am in a business opportunity meeting.

I was so mad. He didn't even ask me if I was interested. He just launched into his presentation. Believe me, your friends and family don't want you doing that. If you feel strongly that you need to ‘Share’ this information with them, at least ask them for their permission before you trick them into a presentation. It is dishonest and you shouldn't do it.

2) YOU do not like having to call uninterested people to sell them your business. If you want to know why so many people have to work on their personal development in network marketing, it's because they are trying to sell their product or business to people who aren't interested. Your prospects don't like that, and you don't like doing it either. It’s why you have to work yourself up to it.

3) It is better to have prospects that come to you. Picture this, what if there really was a way to get highly qualified prospects to come to you? Believe me, it really is possible. You just need a method that works for you. There are many ways to do this. Example methods would be Blogs, Article Marketing, Podcasting, Google Advertising, etc. . . All you really need is a little bit of knowledge, and some hard work.

When you get a system like this working for you, you can actually make money while your prospects are educating themselves. Pay attention right now. This means that you can sell your opportunity on the back end of your process. I hope you can see the significance of that. Can you imagine how your business would be different if you only worked with prospects that were investing time and sometimes money getting educated in your system?

Joe Shaw invites you to learn more about how you can burn your names list and make money while your prospects are educating themselves by getting the free ebook The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing at Each ebook comes with the rights to resell, reprint, and redistribute it anywhere (even on your own website). It's my gift to you, just for visiting.


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Benefits of a Network Marketing Prospecting System
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