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Combine Network Marketing with Internet Marketing to Form a Powerful Business System

Scott Rogers

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Traditionally, Network Marketing has been known as a ‘Word of Mouth’ business structure whereby people talk with other people and spread the word about their business and/or products they represent, and those who get involved with them do the same on down the line.

Now, what if there was a way to spread the word faster and more efficiently than having to physically talk with someone everytime you wanted to get your message out to them? What if your message could get spread on a passive basis with or without your presence?

Well, of course there is such a way!

When you combine Internet Marketing with Network Marketing, you create a very powerful business system that can save you lots of time, money, and energy.

It's what I call a ‘Word of Mouse’ business!

What does that mean? Basically, instead of trying to rely on the amount of people you and your downline can physically talk to and convince to get involved with you; you develop a leveraged system that gets your unique message out to your prospects in your target market 24/7 through effective online marketing techniques.

Now, this is NOT done by getting a replicating website that every other rep in your company has, and trying to get people to go to that site. It's totally different, and much more effective.

By adding the ‘word of mouse’ philosophy to your business efforts, there is no more need to get all jazzed up to get on the phone in hopes of giving a killer presentation to a prospect who may or may not not even be ready to move forward with you (or even listen to you for that matter).

Your job now switches,  to becoming properly educated on marketing, and develop a simple system that puts out the message your prospects want to hear (and it's not the standard company pitch), in the places where they are, so when the timing is right for them they will repsond to your offer.

Being that the internet is always open 24/7, if you position yourself correctly, you can be prospecting (actually marketing) while you sleep or perform other activities.

Your message is always accessible to others, and they can check it out and respond to it at their leisure. This makes you appear ‘less of a salesman’ to them, and allows you to only have to physically speak with those who express an interest first.

Working it the other way, time would be a critical factor as well as your level of sales skills or presentation skills. I mean, most network marketers have full time jobs in addition to their business opportunity; so how many people can the average networker really talk to a day? And out of those, how many are truly interested in what you offer?

Do you really want to be known as a prospecting machine - someone who is always thinking of ways they can approach anyone from a family member to a total stranger to get them to listen to what you have to say?

You would probably rather be known as an effective MARKETER who knows how to get his/her message to others in an efficient manner without hype and the usual sales tactics. In short, a professional.

Plus, since getting results is the bottom line of business; your effectiveness as a network marketer has just multiplied many times over by implementing this proven business model.

Network Marketing is so much easier and enjoyable when you obtain the proper education on marketing, and then implement that which you have learned to the best of your ability.

Scott Rogers is a Network Marketing Consultant who Specializes in Helping Network Marketers Truly Succeed in Their Chosen Businesses by Providing Resources, Education, and Tools for Effective Business Building and Marketing.

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To Grow a Network Marketing Business One Must Have a System
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