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Building Your Network Marketing Business Using Your Own Personality!

Scott Rogers

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One of the most detrimental activities I see going on in network marketing businesses today, is the process of downline cloning.

Here's what I mean by that:

This means that certain individuals in network marketing organizations are basically trying to duplicate EVERYTHING certain upline or company leaders are doing. In doing so, they actually work to become the leader they are following and take on that leaders’ style, presentation, and marketing/prospecting methods.

Now, of course there is nothing wrong with wanting to achieve the success of those who have come before you or those who are currently getting successful results (especially when it comes to effective marketing). That's what duplication is all about.

However, the danger comes in when an individual essentially puts aside his own personality, gifts, talents, passions, and abilities to take on the role of the leader whose results they are trying to imitate.

In essence, they ‘want to be just like Joe super recruiter leader’ and because they are taught to not re-invent the wheel or go outside the ‘system', they end up trying to transform themselves into that particular person in every way because they want the results that person is getting.

Like I said, this is a form duplication, but not always the kind that is the most beneficial.

Think about this: You don't really want to BE that person you are following; you just want their RESULTS, right?

Well, I've got good news for you:

There are MANY ways to achieve great results in network marketing. There is no one particular way for success. Now, there are effective methods and not-so effective methods, but there is more than one way to get great results in network marketing.

If you were to study very successful people, you will quickly learn that no two people's methods are the same, AND that each one typically tapped into their talents and passions to skyrocket their results.

Let me give you a few examples:

Michael Jordan - Sure, he could have joined an MLM business and maybe succeeded, but he loved basketball and he knew he had a talent and a passion for it; and because he chose that route, his success trumps most other ball players of his time.

Robert Kiyosaki - Yes, he admires network marketers and knows it's a great way to create wealth; BUT he enjoyed his real estate businesses and has a passion for communicating financial education principles to others. (which he is very good at, and has become a professional in his own unique niche, and has earned a ton of money doing things differently. )

Mark Cuban - Billionaire - Sure, he could have stayed in the computer/software business and probably continued to do very well with it; BUT he loves sports and decided to have a business that he has a passion for and can relate to. He is having fun and has more open opportunities.

All of this relates directly to how you are currently building your network marketing business because if you strip out your own personality to become someone else who you admire, you are giving up your most precious business and success asset:


You bring your own creativity, skills, knowledge, and personality to the business of networking.

You don't bring networking to your personality. Network marketing (as well as your primary company) is a great vehicle for success, but it is just a vehicle.

It needs YOU (unique, talented, individual people) to make it a success.

In my opinion, and in my own experience, true success is defined when you tap into your own strenghts, passions, and unique abilities and use them in a leveraged vehichle (such as network marketing) to achieve the end result you want to get.

Your team and your company are blessed to have you, and I would encourage you to be yourself, and build your business by tapping into your own unique attributes and apply them to EFFECTIVE business building principles.

If you don't enjoy what you do on a day to day basis in building your business, then get out of it or start working it the way you are meant to.

Remember, if we are all doing the same things, the same way, with the same personality - we are nothing more than sales robots for some MLM company.

Don't be like that - Become the unique, independent successful marketer you were created to be, and watch your business take off!

What NOT To Do In Network Marketing

Scott Rogers is a Network Marketing Consultant who Specializes in Helping Network Marketers Truly Succeed in Their Chosen Businesses by Providing Resources, Education, and Tools for Effective Business Building and Marketing.

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Building a Fantastic Internet Network Marketing Home Business for Your Future
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