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Network Marketing is About Results - Success in MLM Marketing

Scott Rogers

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Let me repeat that in a different way:

Building a successful network marketing business is centered around getting results.

That may sound obvious to you, but the truth is that many network marketers are ignoring this very important part of mlm success.

Let's go deeper:

I believe one of the reasons (among many) that so many people do not achieve the kind of success they desire in this business is because they are not getting RESULTS fast enough.

I have heard that roughly 98% of all new network marketers do not make more than $50 in their first 6 months after joining a company!

What's just as bad, is that most of those people spent at least $50 plus just signing up for the business and maybe buying some leads or products.

That means that in this situation here, these people did not only break even, but LOST money after being involved for 6 months and have no results to show for it.

No wonder so many people quit after 6 months in a business! They are not getting results.

What typically happens, is that they try to ride the coattails of their upline or ‘follow the system’ that everyone says is so great, and they just aren't getting the results they desire.

Now, I know that this is not a get rich quick industry, and I know that networking builds over time.

However, I also know that if you were to apply some simple EFFECTIVE marketing methods right away, you can get much better results than most people are getting because what you are doing is not an idea or a ‘hand me down’ technique: It's proven and predictable.

So, now that we know that a lack of timely results is a major problem for new and veteran network marketers, how can you as a distributor or you as an upline sponsor fix this issue:

First of all, you need to go back to the basics of MARKETING when starting a new opportunity or when helping your new team member to get going. This includes opening your mind to outside experts/education in marketing, and not just using the standard company ‘system’ everyone else is using.

Remember, if you are not getting consistent results, it's either YOU or the SYSTEM you are using that is responsible for that (and in many cases, it's the ineffective system that contributes to these poor results).  

Secondly, once you have been properly educated on true target marketing; the next step would be to form a PLAN to put your marketing methods into action in a leveraged manner. By doing this, you can get greater results in a shorter time frame and let the 80/20 rule work in your favor.

Then, after you have put your plan into action; you will need to TRACK your results so you can fine tune and continually improve your marketing game plan.  As you do this, you can then expand your efforts to include other leveraged systems that get consistent, predictable results.

If you do these 3 simple things, you can achieve almost immediate results in your network marketing business!

Not only that, but you will then have the CORRECT knowledge of how you can help your team duplicate this and obtain results way above the norm in their first 6 months and beyond. If you have been in network marketing for years and still are not getting the desired results, this will work for you as well.

There is no mystery in achieving good results:

The proper training and implementation of effective, leveraged business building efforts combined with ongoing skill development and effective action can yield tremendous results!

Results, get some today!

Learn More About Getting Results in Network Marketing Here

Scott Rogers is a Network Marketing Consultant who Specializes in Helping Network Marketers Truly Succeed in Their Chosen Businesses by Providing Resources, Education, and Tools for Effective Business Building and Marketing.

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How to Win in Network Marketing - 3 Steps to Network Marketing Success
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