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MLM - Make Your Upline Sit Up And Take Notice


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This is precisely what you should do if you want to be successful with you MLM business. This business is all about everyone helping out everyone and the best way to get the help you need is to make your upline take notice of you.

The reason you started your MLM business doesn’t matter, the important part is that the right people are taking notice of you. You should immediately send at least an email when you join to say G’day, I am on your team now and I am going to be successful. What can you do to help. Your upline should value this and start to build a rapport with you straight away, but what if they don’t ? Don’t worry about it and move up the chain to the next person in your line. If they don’t respond, go up the line again. It doesn’t matter if you have to go all the way to the top to start building your relationships, the important part is that you start.

Once you have established contact, what should you do next ? You should then work on aligning your goals with your uplines goals so your upline knows what it is you want out of the business and you can then both start working together for your common goals. Even though you are in your own business you should not be in business alone and if you are then you have probably chosen the wrong MLM to join. What next ? Get into your companies forum and participate, show not only your upline but everyone in the business that you are serious about it and want to know all there is to know about how to be successful. Lots of people will have different ways that you can get your business going so it is worth listening but make up your own mind on what you think will work for you. One persons passion can be another persons poison!.

Now, this is important, make sure you ask your upline for help. Questions like . . what did you do first that put you on the right path or how can I get to make x dollars in x months are all good leading questions that will not only make your upline have to think about the answers but will also make them take notice of you and will want them to help you to succeed. Remember, your upline could have thousands of people like you around so you need to distinguish yourself as someone they should be taking notice of. Make sure you keep in constant contact with them even if it is just to let them know how you are going, this will keep them thinking about you and ways they can help you to succeed. When they help you to succeed they are then helping themselves to succeed also so don’t be shy about demanding your share of attention.

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