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MLM, It's A Numbers Game Or Is It?


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So you have started your MLM business and you are now starting to gather and research all the information about it you can find. The piece of information that comes up again and again is that its simply a numbers game. You just need to put your opportunity in front of enough faces and eventually you will end up in front. Is this really true? Does it have to be this way? The answer is a resounding NO, you just need to know what the right way to go about it is and when you have worked it out you will kick yourself for not doing it sooner.

Some people go to extraordinary lengths to work out their exact conversion rate on their prospects and then to work out based on that conversion rate how many people they need to put in front of their opportunity to get to level 1 in the company. Then based on that, how many people for level 2, etc. . right up until they get to the top position in the company. This is just pure madness to look at you business from this perspective and does not go about it the right way ( in my opinion ). Why would you just go out and put your business in front of as many people as possible without even considering the what exactly the people are looking for. You wouldn’t try and sell a hamburger to a vegetarian would you? Sure, they might be hungry and they may love hamburgers but if you try and sell a standard hamburger to them they would not be interested. If you try and sell a vegetarian hamburger to them, they would grab it with both hands.

This is the same as your business. Why would you try and prospect someone who is looking for a data entry job or someone who is looking to sell ebooks to your MLM business, this is just crazy and will cost you money to get them to look at what you have to offer, only to leave just as quick as they came. If, however, you give them what they want then the numbers game has just been turned around into your favour. Let me explain, if you look for people either in or starting to look for an MLM business then guess what, your conversion rate will skyrocket. Further to this if you can find a way of developing a rapport with your prospect before you even think about introducing them to your MLM opportunity then your conversion rate skyrockets again. Then the numbers game is firmly in your favour. The icing on the cake would be if you can find a way to build a rapport with your targeted prospect whilst still making money out of them as they take their time to consider your MLM opportunity. Well, this is all possible and when you build your MLM business in this manner you never have to worry about the numbers game, it all just falls into place like blocks on tetris.

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Article Marketing Tips How to Play the Numbers Game
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