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MLM - Get The Monkey Off Your Back


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Get the monkey off your back… what monkey you might well ask. This is just a generic saying but it applies itself superbly to the MLM world. You have a monkey on your back if you have something that is getting you down and you just can’t get rid of it or get it to make any sense. Alcoholics are said to have a monkey on their back if they cannot give up the demon drink, they know they should but just can’t bring themselves to give it away. Where am I going with this you may ask? Addiction is where. Once you start in on the MLM world you can become addicted to its possibilities. There are endless possibilities, what if you happen to get sensational people in your downline that are as excited about the business as you are. What if you managed to move up through the levels of your MLM company and established a large residual income for life that you can pass down to your children. What if you did actually manage to get time freedom to spend with your family without having any financial concerns. The list goes on forever.

Whilst this addiction is positive and can be healthy it can also be all time consuming and can lead you to ruin. If you don’t go about pursuing your MLM business the right way, you can end up with a huge monkey on your back that can lead to sleepless nights thinking about it and endless dollars lost pursuing it. Once you see the light and begin to pursue your MLM business the right way, with the right attitude your monkey will jump off your back and go bug someone else. It’s such a relief when this happens and you will know when it does.

What is the right way to do MLM? Well, that’s for another article but just let me say that it does not involve buying leads and it does not involve phone calls, this is the way you will go broke very quickly and end up like the other 95% of MLM’ers that quick before they get into any profit. It does involve building relationships but not with your warm market or your cold market. You just have to know where to find people who are looking to find you, yes, looking to find you. Thousands and thousands of them are out there searching, you just have to tap into them.

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