How To Find Network Marketing Leads


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A network marketing business is no different than any business. Without customers you are out of business. In network marketing you have 2 types of customers.

1. Retail

2. Wholesale

Let's look at the wholesale customers, or as they are commonly referred to, distributors. In this article we are going to look at how to find network marketing leads. There are basically 3 kinds of leads.

1. Cold leads

2. Luke warm leads

3. Warm leads

Getting cold leads is easy. Do a Google search for mlm leads and you will find hundreds of sources come up. Go to anyone of them and look for old leads, or discount leads. Never pay anymore than a few cents on the dollar. The newer they are the more they are going to cost. The upside to these leads is quantity and the downside is quality. Expect to work hundreds of these by phone, email or mail, to find a few good distributors. You can find companies offering you free leads and you might as well take a few of them.

Luke warm leads are nowadays referred to as fresh leads or responsive leads. You can get these anywhere from 30 days old to a few hours old. The fresher they are the more you pay. Also the information you get and how it was collected will increase the price. An email lead is going to cost less than a phone surveyed lead.

Another type of luke warm lead is self generated by you. You might hand out a business card and create a lead that way. You might advertise a lead capture page on the internet and as they are filled out have them forwarded to your email. They key thing with any type of luke warm lead is they are just a prospect at this point. How fast you get back to them by email and by phone can be the determining factor as to whether they become a new distributor of yours.

Warm leads or your warm market is anyone who knows you by name. Relatives, friend, co-workers etc. There is much debate in the network marketing industry about how to work your warm market. Because of bridges burned in the past many people do not even like to contact their warm market at all. Personally I understand this, but I would say if you like your network marketing business and our proud of it then so may be some of your friends. An easy way around that is just refer them to your website and let it take over from there. With a good website and email follow-up program you really do not even have to recruit at all. Just refer and follow-up.

What is the best way to find network marketing leads for your business. I say whatever you like best. If you like to do it you will do it. If you hate to do it you probably won't and this because a stumbling block to your success. To start with just do something. As you begin to build your own downline make sure they know they can do it however is best for them as well. Whether it is cold leads, fresh leads, or warm market leads, anyone can build a profitable network marketing business with a little effort.

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How to Get to the Prospect Leads For Network Marketing
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