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What is an MLM Vampire? In a nutshell, it’s a multi level marketer who engages in all sorts of bad, blood sucking behaviors in an effort to build her business. Here is how you can tell if you might be one. (And if you would like to join their clan, read on too. )

You post spammy ads all over message forums

Are you a member of dozens of message boards but have the number “1” in the “number of posts” field in your profile? Do you come to an internet message board or email group simply to blast your ad and then leave, offering nothing of value to the community? Does your Introductory post read something like:

"“Just wondering if there are any other ‘XXXXXXXX’ reps here. ”

You might be an MLM Vampire!

You prospect long lost high school buddies and unsuspecting grocery store clerks

Instead of holding to normal business hours and marketing responsibly to people who are actually interested in your business opportunity, do you view everyone as a prospect? Do you ignore culturally acceptable standards of conduct (like the one that says it’s bad manners to ask someone how much money they earn) in order to push your business on everyone within “3 feet” of you?

You might be an MLM Vampire!

You use pseudo-science and scare tactics to enlighten potential customers

Do you insist that everyone you know is poisoning their kids, dying of a nutritional deficiency, and eating arsenic in their lipstick? Are you able to spout off any of the following urban myths:

The “Senate document” that states that our soil is depleted. (Sorry, that’s a myth. It was nothing more than a speculative opinion piece that originally appeared in Cosmopolitan magazine, June 1936. It was placed into the Congressional record by a Florida senator. It did not arise from any scientific research study and is in fact patently false. )

80% of small businesses fail in their first year. (also false!)

Donald Trump said on national TV that would join an MLM if he went broke. (sorry kids, never happened)

SuperCentenarians use our product! (Sorry, there is no such thing as large numbers of people living to be 120 with good health. Do some research. )

Work once and get paid for life (so untrue, due to high turnover in MLM and other factors)

Guess what? You might be an MLM Vampire!

You join newsletters of legitimate online marketers then spam them with your biz op

Oh this one is original! Here is how it works: Go to a website and join an ezine. Now that you’ve captured the reply email address in the “welcome” email, add the person to your newsletter so you can send them the latest about your biz op every single day, along with large graphics and cutesy feel good quotes and stories! Make sure all the other people’s addresses appear in the “CC” field in your email program, and be sure there is no unsubscribe link.

Are you disrespecting others’ privacy, breaking spam laws and acting all ticked off and defensive when they politely ask to be removed? Are you sending nasty little replies and ignoring remove requests when people ask to be taken off a list they never asked for to begin with?

Congratulations - You might be an MLM Vampire! is a group of Vampire Hunters who have joined forces to expose the blood sucking behavior of some multi level marketers. Our goal is to turn some of these vampires into great online business owners.


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