Did You Know Before You Joined?

Lisa Alexander

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Once I joined the Giant Network Marketing Company, “the biggest in its industry, ” as it was told to me. I was promised daily pay and complete success with a one time payment only! Very new to network marketing, I had no idea that there was money to be paid during my stay to earn an income. It takes money to make money, no doubt in that! No one took the time to tell me. No one took the time to insist that I have a full understanding of network marketing and what it “does” take to become successful. All I was to do was follow the leader. Do what he/she does and then I would be just as rich as they are in the next few years. That was my training when I came in and my understanding of how easy this would be before I joined! It might have been helpful if someone actually took the time out to show me the way and what to follow, the right way!

Now many times over I heard my upline tell me just pick up the phone. I know we’ve all heard it at least once, “smile and dial!” Which its concept is a great one … it’s one of action, REAL action, however if you are not told the truth before joining, and then thrown to the wolves afterward with no or little training, how is that “smiling and dialing” truly going to work for you? It won’t and that’s the simple truth.

Without a business budget, the right training and strong caring sponsor, you may fall into the 97% who will fail.

So what should you do if you are considering network marketing or if you are a newbie into your new business? GET TRAINED! UNDERSTAND WHAT YOUR MONTHLY OR ANNUAL FEES ARE GOING TO BE! Hopefully you did your homework as to your sponsor. Don’t just assume because they are making hundreds of thousands a year that they are your best bet! Don’t be side tracked with what they are making, driving, living in, or their luxurious life style. Don’t let them pull you in because they are driving a beamier and live in a beautiful house boat! Who cares, you are most likely sitting in your middle class or maybe even lower class living space and that is far from you right now. You NEED to seek out a caring and trained sponsor who will not only guide you in the right direction but be pleased with your success. By the same token don’t get in the trap of someone who cares too much and ends up holding your hand because when or if they leave, where does that leave you? Independent Business Owner . . . the key word here is INDEPENDENT!

The first sign of a good sponsor is someone who is 110% up-front with you, even before you join. This most likely means they are not in this business for a quick buck. They are looking for strong people like themselves that will become a success story!

The simple way to look at this business is, yes it does take money to make money. But if you are creative you can find ways to generate your own leads at low or free of cost. If you do choose to purchase leads make sure they have been used before by your sponsor (if you’re new to this business and leads) to ensure your pocket book return. Not only that you’ll need to understand how to work these leads. It is not just as simple as picking up the phone and dialing, talking and hanging up, then throwing that lead away going on to the next. You will need to build a relationship with these people and build trust as hopefully your sponsor once did with you. Remember you may be working closely with that individual so the questions you ask are important. They are not just a script to follow. You want to know how eager and how much of a desire they have.

Nevertheless, network marketing is the best way to earn money from home and you can earn a lot of it! Even to purchase your own BMW one day. But it takes time and effort. You truly get out of it what you put into it.

Network>noun (Dictionary) a group of people who interact together or Network>verb (Dictionary) interact with others to exchange information and develop contacts.

Marketing>noun (Dictionary) the promotion and selling of products or services.

The concept is very simple and the work once you get the hang of it is not very hard either. This type of business can be life changing, but lets make it a good life change shall we! Get trained, educated, keep training always, find the right sponsor for you . . . it’s okay to interview them too and make sure you set aside a marketing budget. Ask your sponsor how much he/she pays a month to run their business to give you an idea of what to expect and then all should run just fine for you!

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