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Signe Nichols

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This Network Marketing Tale occurred several years ago now but still stands out in my mind as if it were yesterday and for all of you who are new in network marketing, don’t worry if a version of this story has not quite occurred in your own network marketing career yet – because it probably will!

Just keep in mind that sometimes others outside your network marketing ring may view you as what we call MLM Gangsters! What is a MLM Gangster you may be asking? An MLM Gangster is someone who is making “gangster” money in network marketing as Kim Klaver calls it. As far as I have figured out, the assumptions of other people are that your business could not possibly be real as how could you earn money with so little time - you must be doing something illegal such as gangster activity because that’s the only way they could figure out you could earn that much income!

Here’s how this particular MLM Gangster situation went down:

My husband Karl and I had been MLM Gangsters for several years when I had wandered out of my home-based business crib of safety out into the real world to go to the health-food store. Of course getting there I had taken the necessary steps (driving around in circles and stopping in various locations) to avoid being followed because that’s what gangsters do . . .

While at the health-food store, I happened across a woman whom I worked with at my former place of employment before I went “underground”. She asked me how I was doing and I replied very sincerely and with a big smile “Just great!” and I returned the pleasantries asking her how things were going with her and her job.

She instantly gave me her reply which was startlingly stern and the volume of her voice was at least a couple of notches higher than even necessary, a volume which made it very clear to anyone within 20 feet that she was going to be heard no matter what! As she said,


Okay? What prompted this reaction I asked myself? Do I suddenly look hard-of-hearing because I quit my job? or Do I have an application attached to my blouse? I thought. Or do I have a huge sign on my shirt that says “MLM Gangster, take cover, hide your children, escape the premises or you too will be part of the gangster “administration”!

I stood there for a few minutes just staring (eyes wider than usual) and blinking with thoughts running through my head like had I ever propositioned her about the business or tried to sell her on anything or even told her what we were doing? No! Not once ever! I was sure of it!

Hmm? She must have found out from a “squealer” outside of the family that seemed to feel the need to “rat me out”. Obviously, she needed to make it very clear to me that she was not interested and boy did I get it!

After I emerged out of my daze I said in a slightly dejected and definitely stunned and smaller gangster voice, “Well that’s great. I’m glad things are going well for you there. ” The conversation continued with small talk about the store we were in and eating right and a bunch of nothingness that I do not clearly remember as I was in such a blur.

We said our goodbyes and our good lucks and I walked off still feeling stunned feeling like what the Italian gangsters would refer to as a babbo - a dope, an idiot, a useless underling. At first, I began to wonder if what I was doing was wrong in some way and I worried that people were going to react to me strangely when they saw me around town – weird and uncomfortable and even worse talk to me very, very loudly.

I continued shopping with these thoughts running through my head and then I suddenly snapped out of it. What was I thinking?

Network Marketing is a wonderful industry. An industry based upon the concept of people helping other people grow and succeed. Many individuals have benefited from network marketing over the years not only financially but also in their capabilities to step out on their own and make their own decisions, not based on what others want them to do.

Then I started to think about her life in comparison and I am truly happy for her that she loves her career and what she is doing and I respect her completely for that because we all know the gangster lifestyle is not for everyone.

However, I could also speculate that if she does not change that

1. She will probably continue to work for a company that will only pay her a limited amount that most likely will never exceed six figures (especially since she is a female in a male dominated business).

2. She will have to ask every time she wants to go on vacation or take time off and that will be limited and not at her discretion (forced vacations are common in her industry) and

3. She will work in buildings that are laden with toxic chemicals that are supposedly “safe”. And that she could possibly work for that company for 10, 15, 20 years and possibly be laid off in one day with no concern from that company about what her future is and probably be laid off for making too much money! (MLM Gangsters are never laid off for making too much money!)

Hmm? By the time I made it through the check out lane I didn’t feel like the “babbo” any more. I was just grateful that we were in the network marketing family!

Don’t forget the ice!

Signe “Siggy Baby-face” Nichols

Signe Nichols lives in Arizona with her husband Karl and her son, Loren. Signe and Karl have been full-time network marketers for 7 years and enjoy all the benefits of working from home, traveling and spending time with their kids. For a free copy of their eBook on network marketing, go to


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