Fast Money Making Online: What Is The Fastest Way?


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Newcomers to internet marketing inevitably have one burning question: “What is the fastest way to make money online?" In this article, I shall attempt to answer that question.

There are many different methods of making money online, but only a couple of methods are truly fast. Building websites designed for Adsense or affiliate revenue take time, but are more likely to guarantee a solid future passive income. Likewise, creating one's own product can be a lengthy process but, if marketed correctly, stands to make a small fortune in a small time once completed.

The fastest way to make money online for a newcomer was, is and probably will remain through the use of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. Using this method, the marketer signs up for a popular PPC service such as Google Adwords or Yahoo Overture and simply writes a small ad which is loaded with keywords. Every time the advert gets clicked by a search engine visitor, the marketer will have to pay an undetermined amount of money (although it is possible to set a daily spend limit).

The marketer should aim to create a landing page which promotes an affiliate product for a good commission. If the commission for the product is, say, $40, and your landing page can convert 2% of visitors to purchase the affiliate product, then you are looking at $80 per 100 visitors. Therefore, if you can pay under 80c per click, you have turned a profit.

It's far from an easy game, and requires intense focus, discipline, testing and tracking. But there is absolutely no doubt it is the fastest way to make money online in the clustered world of internet marketing.

Jack Silver is an internet marketer based in the U. K. Jack quit his office job in 2006 to go into internet marketing full-time, and firmly believes it was the most empowering decision he will ever make. Jack talks about how he went from office bod, to internet newbie, to self-employed marketer in his blog which can be located at


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What is the Fastest Way to Make Money Online?
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