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An Unbiased Look at Pure Leverage

Robert Gafeney

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Inspired by the success of internet giants such as Google and Yahoo!, many netizens have searched for fast and easy ways to make a buck by using the World Wide Web. Unfortunately, majority of those who dream big do not possess the tools necessary to succeed in online marketing. That said, products such as Pure Leverage can help provide those tools.

What is PL?

PureLeverage (PL) is a tool that provides knowledge and training on internet marketing. It was developed by Joel Therien, the founder of the equally successful Global Virtual Opportunities (GVO). PL is actually six tools in one namely the following:

1. Elite Coaching Program

2. Easy Lead Flow

3. Video E-mail Service

4. Blog

5. Turbo Traffic Generation

6. Live Meeting Room

All of these products are guaranteed to turn a regular entrepreneur into an online marketing genius in no time. The tool has a 7-day trial period which costs $1. For full membership, it will set a person back around $25 per month.

Aside from getting the tool, PL also offers a business opportunity. If a member helps attract more customers to avail of PL, he is entitled to commissions and bonuses. So not only does PL help strengthen businesses, it also provides people a chance to make money.

What is the Commission?

PL promises to pay a 100% commission on the first month of direct referrals and 50% match on the total income of referrals for the succeeding months. For example, if Alex (member) invites Zoey (referral) to join PL, Alex gets $25 once Zoey signs up. That's a commission of 100%. Now, say for instance that Zoey earned $100 the next month. Alex gets $50, which is a 50% match of Zoey's total income.

Is it a Scam?

No, PL is not scam. A multi-level marketing (MLM) company is legitimate if it has two things, namely a product and an earning opportunity. Since PL has both, it's considered a legitimate company.

An MLM company can only be called a scam if it has no way to pay its members other than by recruiting more members. That means the more people join, the bigger their paychecks get.

Does it Work?

Yes and no. PL offers an honest business opportunity that people can take advantage of. At the same time, it provides quality products that can help improve one's trade. That said, a product will only work if it's actually used.

First of all, PL is a tool that teaches businessmen how to succeed in online marketing. But if those businessmen do not employ the teachings of the tool - or at least read or watch it - the tool will be useless. The mere purchase of the tool will not grant the member the knowledge he paid for.

Second, the PL business opportunity entails that a member find at least one referral. This allows him to break even for his subscription. That said, he should at least put in the effort to find a referral and explain the PL opportunity. If he fails to do so, he will not be earning any commission at all.

Overall, Pure Leverage is a promising product. Not only does it offer a way for people to earn, it also provides them the tools needed to multiply their earnings. Still, hard work and dedication are needed to fully take advantage of the PL opportunity.

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