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97% Of Home Based Business Will Fail

Pierre Dominick

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That is shocking to say the least but true unfortunately

There are a few factors causing those failures but there are two main reasons why:

First the people signing up for a home based business do not know what they are doing. They have no idea what is involved with running an internet business. They have the preconceived idea they just have to sign up to the system they read about and follow the instructions and money will start coming in.

Most people will do a search on the internet for a business opportunity and the first site that comes up on the first page they will click on it and in most case if the ad is well written they will bite. If they did not like that ad some will look at the second and maybe the third or the fourth one in most cases one of them will interest them and they are hooked. They are so exited that they found the opportunity they were looking for they do not hesitate to spend the few hundreds of dollars that are required to join and once they have joined they find out they now have to spend more bucks to get more features to make more money and reality start settling in they are spending more money then they are making… that is the beginning of the end.

The problem is that most people think of themselves as entrepreneur yet they are not thinking like one. To build a successful business it will require time efforts and money. There are no real business in this world that is free to set up and will make you thousands of dollars, this is the first step to failure.

The second reason is the ads are totally miss-leading, the consumer is lead into thinking it is like a walk in the park to set up and run an online business anyone can do this it is so easily… wrong.

Plus the money they claim you can make in a home based business is inaccurate at best and in some cases totally fabricated.

None of the ads tells you that hundred or thousands of dollars have been spent to realize these 5 figures incomes plus none of them tells you that the individuals that have made or making those income have been at it for years and they have thousands of down line members below them generating those sales.

Here is another fact you are not told when you sign up:

You need to be informed and be able to use all of the following:

Search engine ranking

SEO(search engine optimizing)

Ad word advertising

Pay per click

Banner advertising

Article writing

Press release

Auto responder

Safelist mailer

Social media advertising

Video production

You do not have to be an expert at every one of those but you need an understanding of how each one works so you can evaluate how you can use these functions to generate revenue.

Keep in mind that the top income earners are expert at many of those functions and the ones they are not good at they have people doing it for them.

Internet advertising can be very expensive because it is very competitive so if you are going to compete with the big boys it is going to cost you… no ads will tell you that.

I’ll give you an example how expensive it can be: you bid $1.00 for a keyword in Google, this is relatively a cheap word in a highly completive market, some words can cost in excess of $5.00, so1000 people key in that word in the search box and your site comes up in #1 position, you just spent $1,000 in advertising. Some key words get thousands of clicks per hour, do the math. The click through rate is about 3% to 5% so if you get a 3% rate 30 people may click on your link and if your lucky and 10% buy you made 3 sales. If you make $350 per sale you break even. You still have not made any money. Just imagine if you are selling an item and you only make $50 you are loosing money. That is when people realize it is not as simple as they had read or anticipated and get discouraged and quit.

If you want to succeed in an internet business you have to pick your battles and this is why you need to understand all the tools that are available to you and how much each will cost you to take advantage of them.

If you are thinking of starting a home based business do your home work check out a few business opportunities before jumping in. My recommendation would be to sign up with a marketing company that will teach you the tools of the trade and then you can pick and choose your business opportunity

If you need help with that come to my site but I am telling you now it is not free you will have to pay for the information but the value far exceed the cost. If you do not agree you get your money back can’t get any better then that.



I am member of CarbonCopyPro and Wealth Master International personal development platforms my goal it to guide others on how to build a lucrative direct sales business using an internet network marketing strategy. Learn how to run a successful internet business before you start, find more info at;


or at my blog http://pierredominick.


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Reasons Why Majority of Those Starting a Home Based Business Fail
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