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Career Mums - Passion Or Prosperity Or BOTH!


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For much of my career many people would say to me “You're so lucky to work in a job that you love" and at the time I agreed, the radio industry was a fun and exciting path to take. But it was also challenging, taking a few years for people to really start to take me seriously. I remember my Grandmother saying “Why don't you get a safe and sensible job for a woman like a teacher or a nurse". I take my hat off to people who do those jobs, but they're just not for me. Radio allowed me to be creative, challenge the technical side of my brain and also let me unleash the slightly shy performer in me.

I continued in this industry for about 10 years and while I achieved many goals, there was still something missing. I really feel like my goal in life is to help people and animals . . . . And to be able to inspire others with my passion. But how could I do this when the financial crisis looks like it's just getting worse and I have just given birth to my first child? My husband also lost his job and had to do some laboring just to keep paying the rent, so the outlook wasn't very inspiring.

At the time I thought . . . there are a million reasons why I shouldn't follow my dream. And I bet you can think of why you didn't follow your passion too . . . .

  • Not enough money
  • Kids
  • Marriage/wedding
  • Want to go on holidays
  • Move house
  • Family member got sick
  • Partner dumped you
  • You're not good enough!

    Well to be honest that's just a load of crap! Sorry to put it bluntly, but YOU are one only one putting up those hurdles. Don't feel bad, I did exactly the same thing and so do millions of others around the world. They settle for mediocrity because it's easy - in the SHORT TERM!

    But having my daughter has finally opened my eyes. I want to provide the kind of life you can only dream of. But she's also inspired me to do something she can be really proud of. So I started thinking “What if I could achieve both?" “What if I can have EVERYTHING!" I began reading every self-help book I could find from “The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne to “Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki and started believing in myself. Trust me though when I say it didn't happen overnight. It's taken a while, but the benefits in my financial situation and also my personal happiness are so worth it. I realized that my situation was a culmination of 30 years of a relatively happy life, but one where I was content with whatever came my way. So I had to make a consistent effort to change a lifetime of habits ingrained in my every thought and action.

    I realize that I learn much better with pictures, so I created my own VISION BOARD. It's a big piece of cardboard with all my dreams and aspirations pasted all over it. You can be as creative as you like. I used pictures from magazines, photos and bits and pieces from my old scrapbooking kit to create a collage of what I want to achieve in life. There's pictures of Siberian Husky dogs because I want to go dog sledding, a photo of my husband and daughter with the words LOVE and SUCCESSFUL FAMILY around. There's also little notes of aspirations that say WRITE A BOOK, CREATE ANIMAL TV SHOW etc.

    Another one of my passions was to run my own home business. I was determined to make this work as I realized I really didn't want to leave my baby girl with a childcare worker, and more kids are also on the cards.

    I tried a few things including:
    1. affiliate marketing
    2. online data entry job
    3. multi-level-marketing
    The MLM was the worst . . . . Friends started avoiding me like the plague and I realized I wasn't passionate about the products.

    But I just knew that people were really making heaps of money via the Internet, but how do you sort the credible from the crap? After much research I found out you really have to put these companies under the microscope.

  • Check if they are a registered business
  • Don't hand over money until they tell you exactly what the opportunity is
  • Don't believe the hype about “Limited time offers" etc.
  • Be wary if they pressure you too much
  • Look at the pictures on their website. Is the car/boat/mansion really theirs?

    In the end I decided to go with a company called LifePath Unlimited. . . which is an internet marketing company that promotes Personal Development. Seriously could it get any better?!?! They are a company that I'm proud to be a part of because of the products we provide to an ever booming market and also because they'll help me create a lucrative home business to provide the lifestyle my family deserves.

    So whatever you choose . . . just remember it is a CHOICE and you only have yourself to blame if you don't like the results. Do you choose PASSION or PROSPERITY?

    I chose BOTH!

    Tracey Dornelles is a full-time mum and founder of LifePath Awakening - a marketing company designed to help mums create their own home business in the personal development industry.

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