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Starting a Home Based Business


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Starting a home-based business can be an exciting and sometimes scary experience for any new business owner. While the owner may or may not have prior business experience, there are a few things that should be taken into account in the planning stage. Every successful business either explicitly or inherently must address a few simple concepts in order to develop a strong and thriving business enterprise.

One of the most important things you must do as a business owner starting out is to assess your own talents and abilities. Are you creating a business that you have experience with and therefore already have a strong knowledge base? Is it a business you are going to enjoy doing? Both are important contributing factors and cannot be discounted. If you do not evaluate yourself effectively and honestly you are going to have a difficult time progressing successfully, as you could be starting on a false premise where you do not have the capability to be successful.

A great question to ask yourself early on is, “do you have the time, energy and funding in order to make your business work?" Every business takes a combination of those three factors. You can have better funding than Donald Trump, but if you do not have the time and energy to implement a plan to effectively spend that money you will waste efficiency and opportunity. If you have money and energy but no time, you may have a tough time getting anything accomplished because running a business takes time! Even if you have all the time and money in the world, if you lack the energy and initiative you will not be as effective in starting your business right? As you can see, you need all of these factors working together in order to make your business work.

How does a new business owner begin this planning stage? You should start by sitting down with a pen and paper and doing some honest assessment. Start writing things out, beginning with who you are and also your statement of purpose. Who are you, and what are you doing? “Bob's Batman Supplies. Bringing you the finest in utility belt apparel, at an affordable cost. "

Since Bob's Batman Supplies is going to focus on fine apparel at affordable cost, the overriding goals should be to discern the best suppliers for fine goods, and to find pathways to bring those supplies to customers at low prices. Listing out possible suppliers for your needs is important, and you also must list the strengths and weaknesses of each. Obviously, reducing overhead costs as much as possible is important in finding the most affordable costs, so you will want to brainstorm and write out ideas to reduce costs.

Every business needs to literally sit down and think things through and plan things out, constantly evaulating where it stands and where the business plans on going. This first brainstorming period is necessary to get started in whatever home based business you choose.

Realistically, you will need to build a business plan that takes all of your strengths, weaknesses and resources into account. You need to look at both the present and the future as well. Sit down and spend some time writing out what you do and do not have in your favor, and what you can and cannot do, and of course how you are going to go about doing it. If you take the time to organize and build your business plan, positive future results will be much more likely. As Alan Lakein once said, “Failing to plan is planning to fail!"

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