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Working at Home - Going For Gold Or Bust


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Every once in a while something happens in the world that changes the way people think about their lives. It is a movement of sorts that makes you stop and re-evaluate what you have and where you are headed. There is just this internal drive that keeps picking away at us until we have to do something about it or feel we are not giving ourselves the opportunity we deserve to have. It is the same as playing the lottery knowing, we know what the odds are but have to get in it anyway. These idea changing movements don't happen to the world often but when it does it consumes the masses.

Around 160 years ago something happened in America that shook people's lives. It was called the Gold Rush of 1849. This fever turned ordinary citizens into people that had this urge to better their lives and seek their fortunes. It did not matter where they lived, or how old they were. Their race and religion did not matter. It was all people talked about and it was driven into their minds. This is what caused so many people to pack up what they owned and move west to find their fortunes regardless of what the naysayers said.

This same kind of fever is happening today because of something called the internet. Working at home and being able to live your life the way you want is the new dream. It is not just in America but worldwide. This dream that you can strike it rich is attracting people by the thousands. Looking for that gold mine in your own home is more then most people can take without acting upon it. We don't have the rationale like they did in the 1850's to just pack everything up and move toward their goals. We don't have to it comes to us. Two different centuries but the same dream, only this time you don't have to leave the comfort of your own home which makes it even more enticing. Think of it, prospectors searching for that golden nugget right on their own computer. Where to start digging is the same problem they had 150 years ago. It is a hit or miss proposition if you go into it without a map.

So what did we learn from our ancestors of the 19th century? First of all, most people looking for that elusive mother lode never even came close to finding it. Second, the ones that did find some gold had a hard time turning it into a profit. They spent so much time and money actually searching for the gold there wasn't much left to save. Now don't get me wrong there were a small percent of searchers that struck it rich. For them their lives were changed forever. What made them more successful then the rest of the gold hunters? Were they smarter then the rest or did they have an advantage. It is possible some of them just got lucky and stumbled upon their fortune but it is more likely they had a head start over everyone else. A push in the right direction is all some of us need to succeed.

Remember you do not have to reinvent the wheel to get ahead in the home based business market. A map showing you where to dig by people that have been there before is priceless. There are many directions to head towards on the web and an infinite amount of information to help seek your fortune. Good luck on your quest and I urge you to seek out the right direction to start the path to your own gold mine.

Good Luck,

John Miscia

This is the most important decision you will make when deciding that you want to start a home business.

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