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10 Things to Do When Starting a Home Based Business

Marie Northrup

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1. Make a list of everything in your life you get excited about.

This list should entail all the things that you have a passion for and I mean everything.

Have you ever had a job that you were not excited about? Imagine starting a business that you can not be excited about. You will be working long and hard hours if you are serious about this endeavor. Make sure those hours are not in vain. By creating a business around one or more of your passions, you ensure greater success.

2. Take the above mentioned list and look at each individual item and ponder about how you might turn that passion into a money making opportunity.

Don't worry about how realistic these opportunities may seem for now. The point is that you are training your mind to find opportunity where you find the most enjoyment.

3. Don't be afraid to ask a ‘higher power/universe’ to guide you.

We have a tendancy to ask everyone around us for their opinion or help. How often do we ask our ‘higher power/universe’ for that guidance? I would think that the ‘higher power/universe’ knows a thing or two about business.

4. Listen! Observe!

Be intune with the thoughts that come into your mind. Those fleeting thoughts very often is the ‘higher power/universe’ giving you your inspiration and answers. This also gives you the opportunity to think and contemplate your goal or plan.

5. Do ‘due diligence’ on the opportunities you discover before you fully commit.

This means you have checked everything, everyone, every product, etc. out. You know the direction you want to head, the commitment that is required, the funds that will be needed.

6. Determine how much you hope to make or how big you want to get.

Do you want to break even or are you hoping to be the next Bill Gates.

7. Create a Business Plan.

Even if you have no need for a loan, or you are starting with a MLM, you can never go wrong with a Business Plan. A Business Plan will force you to write down your purpose, your mission statement, your goals and the method in which you hope to obtain your goals.

8. Read your Business Plan at least once a week.

This will refresh your memory and put in the front of your mind your desires, goals, hopes and dreams.

9. Don't be surprised if your goals and dreams change while you go through this process.

That's to be expected. That is also to be hoped for. That means you are growing and learning and hopefully increasing your goals.

10. Do not listen to those who would be skeptical of you.

Yes, you need to have one foot in reality, but remember, your reality is not everyone else's reality. There will be many who will be dream stompers. You may have to tell them to stay away, at least for the time being.

Marie Northrup is the President of Dust-Han Enterprises. She is a distributor for iLearningGlobal and Orovo.

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