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Home Based Business Spotlight - ElizaJ Portable Restrooms


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When throwing an outdoor party, the last thing most party planners expect to hear is their guests raving about the quality of the bathroom. When one partygoer after another walks by a friend and says, “you have to go and see the inside of the bathrooms, " it can only mean one thing; the bathroom is so amazing that it actually adds something to even a good party. In the case of ElizaJ Portable Restrooms, their product takes an essential element of any outdoor even (the portable restroom) and adds style, comfort and luxury to this often neglected amenity.

What Sets ElizaJ Products Apart?

What could possibly turn a portable restroom into a show-stopping attraction? The answers are actually plentiful.

In no way is this an ordinary portable restroom business, renting out the same old stinky, plastic restroom you find on a construction site. Much to the contrary, an ElizaJ franchise business provides facilities that come equipped with fresh running water, clean interiors, air fresheners, designer soaps and lotions, name brand paper products, wicker waste baskets, natural lighting, fresh flowers, and even a mirror to help people look their best as they exit the commode.

Some models come equipped with air conditioning, heat, and music (for parties at which electrical hookups are available), and others are designed a bit larger for wheelchair access. What brides frequently cheer about the ElizaJ facilities is the generous space that allows them to comfortably attend to personal business even in a wedding dress. To top it all off, the restrooms are white, so each user can be completely confident that every inch of the facility is immaculate. All things considered, some guests actually claim to prefer ElizaJ portable restrooms to indoor restrooms available at the same party.

Available models

There are 3 different restroom models that an ElizaJ franchise provides.

The first is the Solar Deluxe. This is the basic model, equipped with a fresh water sink and flush, along with the designer soaps, flowers, and other standard bits of high-end flair.

The next step up is the Ultra Restroom Trailer, which is a two-stall trailer combo that comes equipped with everything in the Solar Deluxe, as well as air conditioning, heat, and music. This model requires a location with electricity access, but if you have it, it's well worth it.

And finally, the Multi-Use is the model to use when there are special-needs guests in attendance. It is essentially the Solar Deluxe with wheelchair accessibility.

Where Did ElizaJ Come From?

It's always interesting to get the story of how a home based business began, particularly when that home business deals in a product as everyday, and yet out-of-the-ordinary, as high-class portable restrooms. As so many businesses do, it all began with a realization.

In 1990, Eliza Kendall began an event and entertainment agency in Massachusetts called Leave it to Liza. The business took off, eventually catering to clients as prestigious as ESPN, GM, Sprint PCS, Smithkline Beecham, Cannon, Reebok, and Frito Lay, to name a few. In the process of planning these and other events, Kendall found that there was a certain lack in the industry: the lack of quality toilets. In her words, “there was a continual need for attractive deliverable restrooms where a woman could feel comfortable in a formal dress and sit without wincing. " And so, the ElizaJ brand was born.

Franchising With ElizaJ

It still may sound like a bit of an outlandish business, but according to the Portable Sanitation Association Internationally, portable sanitation is a $1.5bil industry. And when you consider that ElizaJ franchises are some of the only providers of specifically high-end portable restrooms, the profit possibilities grow even more for lack of competition.

Franchisees work from home and concentrate on catering to party rental companies, caterers, wedding planners, and other high-end event organizers in their areas. By establishing long-standing relationships with other business owners in the area, stirring up business is much easier to do because the ElizaJ franchisee gets to ride on the marketing coattails of party-planning associates instead of going directly to dozens of brides-to-be for perhaps a single job or two. Whoever the event planner trusts, the client trusts as well.

At the beginning of a life with this wedding business, Eliza Kendall teaches each franchisee this and so many other business and marketing tricks. And her husband, Ron Kendall, gets involved as well, teaching franchisees everything they need to know about the mechanics of the work at home business: how to transport, hookup, and maintain the equipment. Then, as the franchise grows, they continue to stand as constant resources to help their franchisees navigate whatever else comes up, from employee issues to expansion and advertising.

What it comes down to

At the end of the day, few business opportunities afford the opportunity to work with one of the nation's best minds in event planning and profit from her experience and wisdom. This business is the perfect combination of brilliant entrepreneurship and down-to-earth needs, which is ultimately the combination that every business owner is looking for. If you're willing to take the plunge into uncharted toilet territory, this franchise will certainly pay off.

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