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3 Things to Have When Pursuing Work at Home Telemarketing


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Work at home telemarketing is gaining momentum faster than a falling snowball down the Alps. This new era of virtual workers who have shed their real world worries and stepped up to becoming their own bosses is slowly taking over the horizon and making a lot of companies rethink their overall corporate planning and structure. I mean, the formula itself is fantastic, the costs are much less, companies have a wider range of talents to tap on and homesourced workers are able to set their own pace.

There is to be no blame for anyone who wishes to join this movement because the money to be made is simply staggering. Anywhere from $12 to $45 and above an hour is a realistic reference for anyone who is still in the doubting corner of work at home telemarketing. All you need is a phone, access to the internet and a nose for selling, and once you get the hang of it - you will see your revenue streams open up and your bank accounts full.

There are a few things to know when pursuing work at home telemarketing, and while the lists are many, many believe that there are three main commandments that everyone should know about before they get their hands dirty in the arena of direct selling or telemarketing. One of the most important things when doing at home telemarketing is to ensure that the product you are selling or have signed up to sell can sell itself. That is the battle half won already when you have something that can easily excite the marketplace and make people buy it. I liken it to the area of technology - companies like Sony and Nokia have been pumping out newer handphones packed full of features we don't necessarily need - but for some reason we want. A combination of carrier, design and features have made the handphone industry a sellable as daily bread and hotcakes. The product must speak for itself and connect with consumers with a seductive language that can excite the brain and influence a purchasing decision.

One more thing that is extremely important of course is the pitch. It is tantamount to your sales copy - only verbal and when you speak to anyone who has decided not to say ‘I'm busy', you must be prepared for a pitch that can floor them within a minute and can inform them about every aspect of the product within seconds of you talking to them. Once you have your pitch perfected - you will start seeing your sales shoot through the roof.

These two aspects are good - but they can be great if you are equipped with a business list that is defined, targeted and tailor-made to the product or service that you are selling. Marketing is about knowing the market and having it within arms reach; a market that will be excited about your product. Getting a business list of that calibre is as good as money in the bank - and that is something everyone looks forward to.

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How to Be Successful in Telemarketing at Home
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