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What is the No 1 Reason Why So Many Fail at Starting a Internet Based Home Business?


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Ok , I cannot count how many times I have been a witness to this particular scenario. I come upon a young and enthusiastic go getter who is really very excited about the new internet based home business he has discovered and is going to pursue it. He is going to go ALL out with this. And he proceeds to tell all his friends, family, acquaintances , coworkers, and just about anybody who quite frankly has a blood pressure about this wonderful internet business opportunity that will enable you to make gobs and gobs of free money online.

He peaks the interest of a few cohorts. And in the first few days of his new internet business opportunity he even convinces a couple of people to join with him and become partners earning him his first commissions. He never has been more excited to to be able to make free money online. And this just drives him even more so he goes full force to let anyone and everyone he can find, off line and online, to tell about this great internet business opportunity that will make free money online. Well, several weeks go by and our Subject is still going around looking for new recruits to join up with his new internet based home business. But now things don't quite seem as good. The free money online from the business is not coming in hardly at all. He runs through about everyone he knows and tries to promote his business on the Internet but he has NO luck. The excitement has really seemed to wear off as the newness and novelty of the internet based home business has diminished.

He even gets some help with some more seasoned internet Marketing veterans and they give him some valuable tools and direction which he immediately starts to utilize to try to make free money. Well, another few weeks go by. He realizes that all the fun and enthusiasm for the Program has diminished and its NOT like it was in the beginning. The weeks turn into months. And our fellow just can't seem to gain any ground in his internet business opportunity. The monotony of doing the little things get to him as he he is working hard everyday. And even though he has ALL the necessary tools that successful people before him have used, he is just not having much luck. All the adrenaline rush he had early on for his new found business is gone.

Finally, he puts his hands up in the air and QUITS! Ouch!

I myself, have done this exact same thing. And this is the number one reason why most people fail at Internet Marketing , and that is they just can't handle the fact that the novelty and newness of their new internet based home business wears off after a few weeks or months.
However, this is totally normal. What separates the winners from the losers is what you do after this happens. And what necessary measures you take to prepare for this!

In a nutshell , it comes down to the fact that each of us must realize that any endeavor we pursue in Life will have its up and downs. There will be times of exaltation and joy and also times of sorrow and defeat. There will be times you say to yourself that you don't feel like working your business today. And there will be times that you jump out of bed and are ready to conquer the World .

As an Internet Marketer you MUST always be conscious of this , and you MUST realize that doing the small tedious tasks consistently everyday, day in and day out will eventually get you to that Level you aspire. It is necessary that you eliminate the inborn nature that is common amongst ALL of us human beings. And that is the nature of Instant Gratification! We all want it and we all need it but it is a huge hindrance in our Long Term Success. Learn to live without it.

Rather concentrate on Long Term Gratification. Always have daily, weekly and monthly goals you write out and stick to them religiously! You need to know that the initial excitement when you first pursue your business WILL wear off. It just does. This is a fact and most can't handle it. And thats when the internet based home business falls apart and the free money starts to completely dry up!

But you can and must train your mind to see the BIG picture. And realize there will be lonely days but with those lonely days will be those days where Success is truly bestowed upon you !!
Just keep your head down and the candlelight burning! :)

Robert Marsh is a full time Internet and Affiliate Marketer whose main expertise is in the area of Paid Online Surveys and Offer Sites. Take a second to visit him as he teaches you how to make free money online with just a little time and effort.
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Starting a Successful Home Based Business Through Internet Marketing
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