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Work at Home - Good Or Bad - Success Tips For Work at Home Entrepreneurs

Donna Abreu

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To be able to work at home does have so many great advantages. You get to set your own schedule. You don't have to report to anyone but yourself. And my favorite. . .

You are in charge of your own destiny!

You are not limited to anyone else's lack of drive, organization, talent, or skills. You are in complete charge of your own success and not reliant on anyone else's procrastination or bureaucracy and policies.

Have you ever thought in a job, “Gosh, I wish they would just make a decision so that we can get to work implementing and see some progress for a change!". I used to think that all the time.

A work at home situation is not all glory, though. It takes huge self discipline, organization and self direction. When you don't have someone “watching over you", it's very easy to procrastinate and get distracted. So you really have to LOVE what you are doing.

When I tele-commuted in my previous corporate life, I was never at peace with my work. I didn't like it that much. I am an entrepreneur at heart and always wished I were doing my own ventures. So when I worked at home, it became especially challenging to do my work.

But now that I love my work, I don't have that problem anymore of being side-tracked form work. In fact it works the other way around! I started to get in this habit of not showering in the morning and wearing my PJ's all day. I would even go as far as not brushing my teeth and forgetting to eat!

I literally, can not wait to get on the computer in the morning, so as soon as the kids are ready and shipped off to school, I'd jump on the computer and leave al those other things for “later".

When I started neglecting my daily exercise routine, I realized that I had to make a change. I had to get disciplined to take care of myself. Now I've gotten that under control.

What I do find, though, is that to work at home can be lonely. I also got a little depressed not interacting with people, adults especially, on a daily basis. I needed to feel connected with others.

Finding like-minded individuals to partner with and work together growing your home-based business was essential to my success and happiness.

So take my advice, find a team to work with. Do your research and make sure that you resonate with the people, feel connected. It will go a long way in your work at home success.

Donna Abreu Is An Expert Internet Marketer Who Shows Network Marketers How To Use Cutting Edge Technology To PROFIT To No End In Their Businesses At:

Her current online business focus is on her Genewize Life Sciences business:


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Work At Home Business Success - 5 Invaluable Tips!
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